Rickmansworth & District

Chairs Report

Vice Chair Shirley Longman and myself have recently attended two U3A Networks meetings. One of them was the South West Herts U3A Cluster Group who meet once a year and is made up of 12 local U3A groups. It is helpful to meet leaders from these U3As to exchange ideas and find out how others deal with any issues that may have arisen. It is also a good source of communication when requiring additional members for RU3A outings/holidays.
I have also been in touch with these groups asking if they could help with recommending a Keep Fit or Tai Chi leader to teach our Keep Fit group.

The other meeting is organised by the Herts Network of U3As. This group consist of 44 U3As from across Hertfordshire and into Beds and Bucks. They meet three times a year and keep us up to date with information, new policies and instructions issued by the National Office.
Another of the benefits is the circulation of other U3As Newsletters in which we are able to pick up ideas for our study groups.
The Network also provides presentations on certain subjects such Cyber Crimes and the latest one, ‘Walking Netball’ (let me know if you are interested and I will try to find a local group). At a recent meeting there was mention of the Network organising various joint events such as a Quiz, Golf Tournament and Table Tennis Tournament. As soon as I hear of any dates for these events I will let you know.

Apologies for the problem experienced when circulating the last Bulletin through our new BEACON system. This was something to do with my computer system and Beacon not being compatible when converting to a PDF format. I will be calling on the assistance of Mike England to distribute this Bulletin so you should receive it without any difficulty. During the next few months I am looking forward to setting up email communications with the study group leaders.

Hopefully, by the time you receive this Bulletin you will soon see builder’s lorries parked outside Our Lady’s Church Hall, indicating work has begun!!! Thank you for all your support and for travelling to the different places for your group activities. This is not only to the halls, but to members’ houses and we offer our appreciation to all who have kindly opened up their homes to welcome our groups.
And then there are our technical ‘guys and gals’ who have overcome difficulties in setting up the sound and screen projections for our entertainment. It has been no easy task for them to transport the heavy equipment backwards and forwards to the different meetings, so to them we offer our wholehearted thanks.
It is more than possible the building work will go on into August and you will be kept informed of future arrangements via email correspondence, announcements at monthly meetings and through the study group leaders who will be asked to pass on information.

I recently received an email from the son of one of our members who had died. He said his son had enjoyed belonging to Rickmansworth U3A and often talked of the study groups. This made me realise how valuable our members are and prompted me to let you all know how important it is for Rickmansworth U3A to send our condolences to the family, when a loved one has passed away. We need to let them know their loved one was a valued member of Rickmansworth U3A and that they have left us with many happy memories. To do this I need you to let me know of any sad bereavements.

I hope you have a wonderful summer, leisurely enjoying warm weather in long sunny days and for those going on holiday, have a great time.
Jean Paddick