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May Newsletter is now available
Our newsletter for May has been distributed via e-mail and by post. It can also be downloaded (but without contact information) from the Newsletters page of this website.
Posted on 18th May 2022

Myths & Legends
Are you like me fascinated by Myths and Legends from around the world, and would you like to learn more?
If so please let me know whether you would like to join us on every Thursday from the 23rd June at 5.00-6.00 pm on Zoom for a six week course.
It is a huge subject so if it goes well we could set up further sessions.
Please contact me for more details.
Stuart Wallman
Posted on 18th May 2022

Our Own Internet Domain
Redbridge & District u3a is now the owner of the internet domain In the first instance, this means that you will see some new email addresses appear in connection with our u3a activities.
Further down the line we may decide to use our domain for our website as well, but as many u3a websites are scheduled to be moved away from their present platform within the next year, we shall hold our horses for the moment and see what happens.
Posted on 18th May 2022

A Lovely Sunday Morning Walk
Barry On a lovely Sunday 8th May morning, 17 u3a members along with Barry Shamplin gathered at Ken Aston Square in Barkingside for a guided walk around the local area. Were you aware that the name Barkingside came about because the village was located on the Barking side of Hainault Forest? That the monks from Barking Abbey used to preach at Fullwell Cross? Or that Ken Aston actually invented the red and yellow cards used by football referees? No? I thought so. (I didn’t).
Thanks to Barry for a well organised, beautiful and informative morning.
Posted on 18th May 2022

Challenges Galore!
If you have been to one or more of our Open Meetings lately, you will have noticed that delays because of technical challenges do happen sometimes.
We want to make our meetings accessible to all members, whether able to join us face to face at Wanstead Library or not. So we have hybrid meetings — meaning that members can join on Zoom if they are not able to come to the library. This requires a multitude of computers and other audiovisual tools. We have not invested large sums of money in this (we know of other u3a’s that have), and we have now gained some experience, so this setup does not represent a problem — as long as every piece of equipment works as it is supposed to. Unfortunately this is not always the case, and that is why we have delays from time to time.
Please bear with us. After all, we always get there in the end.
Posted on 18th May 2022

National and Regional u3a events
The following events arranged by The Third Age Trust, The London Region of u3a's or other u3a's around the country, are open for booking. They all take place on Zoom and they are all free:

  • Friday 20th May at 10.00 am: All About Pictish Stones. Talk by Philip Holdsworth
  • Tuesday 24th May at 10.30 am: Japan - Lasting Impressions. Talk by Hilary Jones & Daniel Marter
  • Thursday 26th May at 10.30 am: Living With Platics. Talk by Professor Richard Clift
  • Friday 27th May at 2.00 pm: Geometric Abstration - Repeat Event. Talk by Irene Kyffin
  • Monday 6th June at 2.00 pm: How To Get Published - Some Practican Advice. Talk by Alysoun Owen
  • Wednesday 8th June at 10.00 am: Laughter Yoga Workshop led by Judith Anne Walker
  • Thursday 9th June at 10.00 am: Post-War Blues. First session of a four-week course led by Lee Wellbrook
  • Friday 24th June at 10.00 am: What Will It Really Take to Deal with Climate Change? Talk by Mike Berners-Lee
  • Wednesday 13th July at 10.00 am: Laughter Yoga Workshop led by Judith Anne Walker
  • Thursday 14th July at 2.00 pm: Secret History. Talk by Stephen Davis
  • Wednesday 10th August at 10.00 am: Laughter Yoga Workshop led by Judith Anne Walker

More information on the National and Regional Events page where you will also find links for registering. These events tend to be booked up very fast, so you will need to be quick off the mark.
Posted on 10th October 2020, last updated on 18th May 2022

Our Committee for 2022/23
At our AGM on 28th February the members of our Committee for 2022/23 were confirmed. Liz Kite had served her three years as chairman which is the maximum allowed by our constitution, and Elaine Mitchell is our new chairperson. You can the complete list of Committee members on the Meet the Committee page of this website.
Posted on 25th March 2022

Want to start a bitesize group?
On the internet and free to all, there are several series of programmes organised into bitesize sections for groups to digest as they will. They are arranged in about 12 minutes long episodes and cover most topics you can think of. Stuart Wallman held one meeting using World Mythology to show what could be done and it was received very enthusiastically. He will be on hand to offer support and technical advice and we can do any subjects that we want. For this new, experimental way of learning to bexcome a success, we need facilitators. You may only be in charge of one episode or one programme lasting for up to about 6 weeks. Please contact Stuart or Liz.
Posted on 25th March 2022

Great British Spring Clean
The LonDon Borough of Redbridge will be participating in the Great British Spring Clean between 25th March - 10th April. They will be arranging two dates for litter-picking (days and venues have yet to be announced). Alternatively, we could choose a day and venue to suit ourselves. They will provide all the equipment needed including litter pickers and bags and will send out vans to collect from you. If anyone is interested in joining a Redbridge u3a group, please contact Janice Jackson.
Posted on 25th March 2022

March Newsletter is now available
Our newsletter for March has been distributed via e-mail and by post. It can also be downloaded (but without contact information) from the Newsletters page of this website.
Posted on 25th March 2022

Registration needed for taking part in the AGM on Zoom
As previously announced, our Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 28th February at 2.30 pm at Wanstead Library. We hope to see as many members there as possible, but if you cannot make it to the library, you can attend the AGM on Zoom.
However, only u3a members are allowed to attend the AGM. Therefore, if you want to attend on Zoom, you must register beforehand, otherwise you will not be allowed to join the meeting.
This is the link to register on Zoom:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about joining the meeting.
Please be aware that the usual link for Open Meetings will not be valid for the AGM.
Posted on 17th February 2022

New Research Projects
We have had requests for participants in two research projects - one is about memory, and the other about hearing aids. More information is available on the Research page of this website.
Posted on 17th February 2022

January newsletter on its way to your inbox
The January newsletter should arrive in your inbox today if you are on e-mail. If you are not on e-mail, it is in the post and will arrive at your house within a day or two. Together with the newsletter you will find an updated groups timetable. Both can also be downloaded from the website, but because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) without any contact information. Look at the Newsletters and Groups pages respectively.
Posted on 24th January 2022

Notice of AGM
Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 28th February at 2.30 pm in The Chirchill Room at Wanstead Library and on Zoom. The formal notice of the AGM will be in the January newsletter.
Posted on 23rd January 2022

Barbara Lewis and Judy Berkowicz have both been co-opted onto the committee. Welcome both, and a huge thank you for volunteering to help carry Redbidge & District u3a forward and contribute to secure the future of our organisation.
Posted on 23rd January 2022

Covid-19 policy adopted
The committee has adopted a Covid-19 policy to ensure the health and safety of u3a members during the continuing pandemic. See it on the Covid Policy page.
Posted on 12th January 2022

No more Hall Hire contributions
As a consequence of our improved economy, the committee has decided to cease the collection of hall hire contributions with immediate effect. This means that you will no longer be asked to pay 25p per hour for meetings in halls.
Posted on 12th January 2022

Happy New Year
We wish all members of Redbridge & District u3a and their Loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in the hope that we will all be able to meet up and continue to learn, laugh and live in 2022. Please check the Newsletters page for a National Newsletter Express containing a New Year's message to all u3a members from the CEO of The Third Age Trust, Sam Mauger and national u3a chairman Liz Thackray.
Posted on 1st January 2022

Cancelled meetings
Because of the current Covid-19 situation, many face2face meetings are being cancelled at the moment. Please check with your group leader whether your group meeting is going ahead as originally planned.
Posted on 28th December 2021

Raising awareness
Visit by the Mayor Despite the drizzle, wind and cold we pitched a stall in Barkingside High Street with our friends from Waltham Forest u3a, to raise awareness of the value that u3a gives to the community.
The Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Roy Emmett, joined us and gave generously of his time, experience and support, we thank him most sincerely. As we thank all who turned up at silly o'clock in such lousy weather, to assist in this activity.
We have immediately gained four new members and with luck the media coverage will heighten awareness in u3a.
As a finale, these joint outings with WF u3a are as worthwhile as they are enjoyable, the only aspect I would change is doing them in warmth and sunshine.
Howard Mather
Posted on 5th December 2021

Open Letter to all u3a Members
The chair of The Third Age Trust, Liz Thackray, has sent an open letter to all u3a members. Click this link to read it: OpenLetter
Posted on 16th October 2021

Renewal time is here again
At the end of August it was time to renew your membership. The renewal form was distributed together with August's Noticeboard. Please fill it in and post or email it to our Membership Secretary as soon as possioble. You can also bring it along to our next Open Meeting on 23rd August together with your payment. The membership fee covering the 11 months from September 2021 to July 2022 is £20.00 which can be paid in cash or by cheque or bank transfer. The details are on the renewal form.
Posted on 17th August 2021

We need you!
At our AGM in February, new faces will have to take over some of the committee posts. There is a lot of work to be done, and we need new volunteers. You must be a team player, use email and be prepared to take responsoibility as a trustee for the running of our u3a together with the rest of the committee. Anyone who thinks they can help, plase contact Liz Kite for a chat.
Posted on 17th August 2021

A Year in Lockdown