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Research project about the effect of blueberries on cognitive performance and vascular function
Four researchers from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Kings College London and the School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences, University of Reading, are inviting U3A members aged between 65-80 years to take part in a new study taking place at King’s College London with the aim of finding out about the effects of blueberry supplementation on cognitive performance and vascular function. More information on the Research Projects page.
Posted on 20th August 2019

New layout for the Groups page
The Groups page on this website has a new look. The groups are now listed alfabetically in two columns but still with links to individual group pages. Additionally, a version of the printed Group Information Sheet is now available for download from the Groups page. The new layout takes advantage of the facilities offered by the U3A Site Builder (the editing software for the website) and will make it easier to keep the group information on the website up to date.
Posted on 18th August 2019

August newsletter available for download
This month's newsletter is now available for download from the Welcome page. It will be distributed to members on e-mail on Monday 12th August, and a limited number of printed copies will be available to be picked up at our Social Afternoon on Monday 19th August.
Posted on 11th August 2019

SWESRS closures
Please note that because of the Jewish holidays there will be no group meetings at SWESRS from Monday 30th September until Wednesday 9th October (both days included). SWESRS will also be closed on Monday 14th October and Monday 21st October. Your group may reschedule — consult your group leader.
Posted on 11h August 2019

To all group leaders...
Please can you all ensure that your members are showing you their new 2019-2020 membership card written in purple (rather than pink).
From the group lists I have picked up several people who are going to groups and not only have not renewed but were not members last year either. I do not know how they have crept into groups during the year but it is very unfair on members who pay their subscriptions to find that non-members are benefiting from the facilities on offer without contributing. Please please check that those attending your groups are members. Send an up-to-date list through to me and I can check if those listed have renewed — or simply ask to see their membership card. If in doubt then let myself or Stuart know and we can sort it out.
We do offer a “one session” trial to people to see if they like the group but it is a one time offer and does not extend over several sessions.
Posted on 11th August 2019

Thank you
I would like to thank all of you that have renewed for this year (August 2019-July 2020), however we still await many members’ renewals and would be grateful if you have not renewed yet that you please send in your form, self-addressed stamped envelope and the £25 membership fee asap.
Please be aware that if you are not a member you are not covered by U3A’s insurance and not allowed to attend any U3A groups.
Of course we will give you time to sort this out before we start to contact you directly to see if you wish to renew or not. Renewal forms are available on request or through your group leaders. It can also be downloaded from the Welcome page of this website.
Stuart Wallman, Membership Secretary
Posted on 11th August 2019

Study Days now open for booking
The following U3A Study Days are now open for booking:

  • Monday 7th October: U3A at The Royal Institution - Three science talks in one afternoon
  • Thursday 7th November: The Pre-Raphaelites at The National Gallery
  • Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st November: Beneath Your Feet - Discover London's Roman past
  • Monday 25th November: London's Architecture - at The Royal Institute of British Architects

More information and booking links on the National and Regional Events page.
Posted on 7th August 2019

Last call for membership renewal
As mentioned in last month’s Noticeboard, the last day of the current membership year is Wednesday 31st July. If you have not already renewed your membership, please do so now as you will have to be a paid member in order to take part in U3A activities. Kindly follow the instructions on the renewal form. If you have not received a renewal form, please ask your group leader for one or download it from the Welcome page on our website. You can also renew your membership at the Social Afternoon on Monday 29th July.
Posted on 21st July 2019

July newsletter is now available
The newsletter for July will be e-mailed to members on Monday 22nd July and is now available for download from the Welcome page. A limited number of printed copies will be available at the Social Afternoon on Monday 29th July.
Posted on 21st July 2019

Another sell-out Quiz Night
Our second sell-out quiz night was held on Sunday 7th July at SWESRS. What a popular evening it was and looks like it is now going to be an annual event.
Many thanks go to Carole Leboff, Harvey Sharpe, Guy Sasson and Stan Meinchick for setting and marking the questions, Rikki and Maureen for organising and selling the tables, Lennart for technical support, Paula for helping me with the food, Cliff for handling the money and Jill for organising the raffle, as well as the committee members and many others who turned up at 4.30 to help with all the preparations necessary before the start of the quiz. Last but not least, thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a memorable and enjoyable evening.
Liz Kite
Posted on 21st July 2019

East End Women's Museum
Fani Arampatzidou is the volunteer and outreach coordinator for the East End Women's Museum which recently launched its public consultation. The museum will have a permanent space in Barking in less than two years and Fani is trying to collect people's ideas and input as to what they'd like to see represented in the museum, what sort of facilities it should have etc. If you are interested, there is a survey you can take by clicking this link: EEWM Survey.
More information about the project through the museum's website:
Posted on 4th July 2019

More research projects
Anyone interested in taking part in research projects, please visit our Research Projects page where the latest opportunities are listed, Current projects are abouht navigational ability, reassurance about memory problems and familiarity with modern techonology and its devices.
Posted on 27th June 2019

Time for renewal
Be aware that it is time to renew your membership for the season 2019-2020. The membership fee remains at £25.00, and the deadline for renewal is 31st July. Please renew in good time. We are sometimes confronted by people telling us that our subscription fee is higher that other U3A's in this area. On the surface this appears to be the case, but in fact it is not so. See why in the latest issue of Noticeboard.
Posted on 20th June 2019

June issue of Noticeboard available for download
The June issue of our magazine Noticeboard is now available for download from the Welcome page. If you are on e-mail, the magazine will be in your inbox on Friday 21st June. If you are not on e-mail, your printed copy can be picked up at our Social Afternoon on Monday 24th June. Otherwise it will be posted to you after the meeting. A renewal form is distributed together with Noticeboard and is also available for download from the Welcome page.
Posted on 20th June 2019

Security gates at SWESRS working again
All groups meeting at SWESRS, be aware that the broken security gates at the entrance have now been repaired so please make sure to press the SWESRS button to enter.
Posted on 7th June 2019

Visit to Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum
Ilford & District Diabetes UK Group invites U3A members to join them on a day trip to Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum in Flixton, Suffolk. The museum displays aircraft and aviation-related artefacts as well as thematic collections devoted to The Royal Observer Corps, RAF Bomber Command, air-sea rescue and RAF Coastal Command.
The trip takes place on Tuesday 20th August and the price is £20.00 which covers the coach and gratuity to the driver. Entrance to the museum is free but donations are appreciated as the museum is run entirely by volunteers.
For more information about the museum as well as booking information, click this link: Aviation
Posted on 12th May 2019

Beware of phishing!
I have recently received several phone calls claiming to be from Microsoft telling me that my Windows software has been compromised and that it has a virus. If you get such calls or e-mails please ignore them as they are phishing. Microsoft will NEVER contact you directly in this manner. Ignore the dire warnings and put the phone down or delete the e-mail or on screen message.
Phishing is when con men contact you by phone or email to get access to your PC. Hoping to hook a gullible person.
Stuart Wallman, Membership Secretary
Posted on 12th May 2019

Wanstead ParkingIncreased parking fees at Wanstead Library
If you are using the Library car park at Wanstead Library, be aware that the parking fees have gone up to £1.60 for two hours or £6.20 for the whole day. It is still free for Blue Badge holders, though. You can only pay by using your mobile phone, either by calling 020 3046 0010 or by using the RingGo app.
Posted on 27th April 2019

Prominent visit to Jazz Group
John Altman at Jazz GroupMembers of Philip Lester’s Jazz group had a rare experience at the group’s meeting in March as renowned BAFTA and Emmy award winning composer, arranger, conductor and saxophonist John Altman visited the group. He played videos recorded from the American 1950s tv show Art Ford’s Jazz Party - videos that had previously never been shown in public. In the video playing behind John Altman is the pianist Marty Napoleon.
(Photo: Barry Shaw)
Posted on 27th April 2019

Paula from chairman to honorary president
Paula addresses the AGMAfter having served as chairman for the fourth time, Paula Russell announced her retirement from the committee at the Annual General Meeting of Redbridge & District U3A on 25th February. Our new chairman is Liz Kite who was vice chairman until the AGM. The office of vice chairman will now be filled by Lennart Christensen. All other committee members were unanimously re-elected, and Paula was made honorary president of our U3A for the coming term.
Posted on 26th February 2019

Committee News
Among those standing for election at the coming AGM are Jan Martin-Ellis and Andrea Yeshin who were both co-opted onto the committee in December. A warm welcome to both of them!
At the same time, Denise Kaye has decided to resign from the committee but thankfully she will still be arranging the very popular coach outings as well as leading her History group.
Posted on 27th January 2019

Spread the word
After a lot of effort from the committee in chasing renewals we just managed to reach 600 members by the end of 2018 which is somewhat down on the previous year.
Please spread the word about our U3A and encourage your friends and relations to join us and help grow our membership back up to where we were in previous years.
Stuart Wallman
Posted on 24th November 2018, updated on 27th January 2019

U3A in the Ilford Recorder
Our local newspaper has devoted a whole page in the October 4th edition to an article about Redbridge & District U3A with testimonials from various members and pictures of some of our group activities. Hopefully this can help us recruit some new members! See the article by clicking on this link: U3A Recorder
Posted on 6th October 2018

Have you signed a Gift Aid Declaration?
A Gift Aid Declaration means that Redbridge & District U3A can claim back £2.50 from the Inland Revenue for every £10.00 you pay for your membership subscription. You only need to sign the form once - i.e. not every year - and most of you have probably already done so, but if you have not, the form can be downloaded from the Welcome page of this website. The form also gives you a more detailed description of how Gift Aid works.
Posted on 23rd July 2018

Learning not lonely - A new approach to ageing
Learning not lonelyThe U3A has released a report which details a sustainable and positive approach to ageing built on group learning, skill sharing and volunteering.
Sam Mauger, Chief Executive of the Third Age Trust said, "We think it is time to move away from the current public debate on ageing which is largely predicated on a deficit and dependency approach. The evidence from our research demonstrates the value of mutual aid and of reciprocity to confidence, self-esteem, and wellbeing.
"The U3A model is low-cost, defined by participants, and learner-led. It is not dependent on state funding; it has a life and existence of its own. More importantly it demonstrates the value of communities of interest which are not defined by age, or by past experience, but instead are defined by the experiences still to be explored".
U3A members reported major benefits to being part of the U3A learning model in terms of confidence, combatting loneliness, feeling supported in new communities, learning new skills and, perhaps most important of all, feeling valued and enjoying life.
The complete report can be downloaded from this link: Learning not lonely
Posted on 14th July 2018

New data protection rules
The General Data Protection Regulation - also known as GDPR - comes into effect on Friday 25th May. In preparation we have asked all members to give their consent to our storing their personal information. Thanks to a great effort by the Committee, we have managed to keep almost all of our membership intact.
In order to comply with the GDPR, Redbridge & District U3A has also implemented a Privacy Policy and a Data Protection Policy. If you want to have a closer look at these, please visit the Privacy page of this website.
Posted on 24th May 2018

New page on the website: Local Events
The Local Events page contains a list of Redbridge events not arranged by the U3A, but which nevertheless may be of interest to U3A members.
Posted on 27th April 2018