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New River Walk Enjoy your 'third age'
Are you past full-time employment and don't know what to do with yourself? It is never too late to broaden your horizons and learn new things, or just to have fun and enjoy tourself together with like-minded people. You may even have knowledge and experiences that you would like to share with others for mutual benefit. If you recognise yourself in one or more of these categories, then Redbridge & District u3a may just be the place for you. Join us and enjoy your 'third age'.

Interest groups - the centre of u3a
60s Pop Group in action Our interest groups are the nucleus of our activities. They are all led by members and cover a wide range of subjects from yoga to quizzes; from art appreciation to pub lunches; from psychology to music; and almost everything in between. Group meetings are in the daytime, often in the group leader's home, and for larger groups in hired halls. During lockdown, many groups moved their activities onto internet platforms like Zoom, but face2face meetings are now resuming. Visit our Groups page to see which groups are active at the moment.

Open Meetings for all members
Philip Lester Once a month, generally on the last Monday of the month, we invite all our members to an Open Meeting where you can socialise with other members, have a coffee or tea and a biscuit, and listen to a variety of interesting and entertaining speakers. At the moment, the Open Meetings also take place on Zoom. We have no Open Meeting in December but will be back on Monday 31st January where our members Philip Lester (photo) and Louis Cohen will present a selection of musical entertainment. See the coming months' programme on our Open Meetings page.

National and Regional Zoom talks and events
Poison Our national mother organisation, The Third Age Trust, and our regional network, The London Region of u3a's, both arrange events and talks on a vide array of subjects. At the moment these are all on Zoom, and you have to register in advance to participate. All these events are listed on our National and Regional Events page. The next regional talk will take place on Monday 24th January at 5.30 pm where Tony Dayan will talk about Poison (without practical advice!).

Noticeboard November 2021 Monthly newsletter and e-mail updates
Every month except December we publish a newsletter with all the latest news about our u3a. It is distributed both on e-mail and snailmail. See the latest newsletter here: NEW: Noticeboard November 2021. Once or twice a week we send out e-mail updates with new information, not only about u3a events but also with direct links to a large variety of free online talks, events and entertainment from all over the world.

Want to know more?
If this has whetted your appetite, please feel free to browse our website. You can contact us by filling out the Membership Enquiry form which you will find by clicking this link: MembershipEnquiry. You can join Redbridge & District u3a now for a reduced fee of £14.00 covering the period until the end of July 2022. Once a member, you can join as many groups as you like (space permitting).

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