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Please note that the U3A does not endorse these projects. If they are from reputable institutions, they are checked and passed on.

Would you like to take part in psychology research?
Chiara Scarampi is a researcher at UCL who investigates age-related declines in cognitive processes in order to find ways in which these challenges might be mitigated and older adults can be helped maintaining their independence and wellbeing throughout the lifespan. She is currently recruiting participants for a study looking at age differences in attention and memory.
Participants will take part in a simple computer-based task and complete some brief cognitive tests/questionnaires. In order to take part, you must be aged 18-30 years or 65+ years, speak English as first language, have no history of neurological or psychiatric illness, and have not received a diagnosis of significant mental or memory problems.
For more information and contact details, please click this link: Memory
Posted on 27th October 2019