Group Leaders Day 2015

We held our annual Group Leaders Day at Saxon Hall, Aviation Way, on Tuesday 5th May and, this year, included all our volunteers and proactive others, who have contributed to the successful running of our U3A.

Eighty-six people were invited and sixty-two were able to attend. The theme of the day was to enhance everyone’s awareness of our past year - and current year - activities and discuss the way forward in the short term along with the association links with other U3A’s in the Rochford district.

Our main speaker of the day was Keith Baker, former Chairman of Rayleigh Grange and current Chairman of Ashingdon & Rochford U3A. A positive and lively debate followed, looking at ways of using “Best Practise” and experience between the cluster of six U3A’s in our local area, without impacting upon the authority, identity and individuality of each U3A. This fuelled the appetite for a good lunch and Keith Baker and his Ashingdon Groups’ Coordinator, Janet Arrowsmith, took away many positive ideas in the further development of their (newer) U3A and further “Cluster” discussions will be forthcoming.

After lunch a small presentation was made to our Accounts Examiner, Stella Lutterloch, who is standing down from this position this year. We will need a volunteer to come forward, by the end of the year, to audit the 2015/16 accounts prior to the 2016 AGM.

I would like to thank everybody involved for participating in this both educational and social event.

Bob Wren

(Groups’ Coordinator)