We would like to welcome you to Rayleigh u3a! Our u3a has grown due to the dedicated efforts of many volunteers to the organisation you see today.

We are a friendly, supportive group and we believe that there is something of interest for everyone. If you cannot see exactly what you are looking for, then you may wish to start something new and in what better environment to do so than an organisation with around 450 members.

We hope you find friendship and support if you need it and the opportunity to pursue any existing or new interests you may have. The u3a exists to provide a framework in which people can get involved in helping to create, join and run lots of different learning-based activities which improve knowledge and skills, enhance your physical and mental wellbeing and keep you socially connected.

We hope you enjoy being a member of Rayleigh u3a and we look forward to your involvement!


Our u3a is run solely by volunteers so the members in the various roles change from time to time. If you need to contact anyone, look on the Contact page and click on Committee Who's Who for an up to date list.

If you have any ideas for a group you may like formed - contact the Groups Coordinator for a chat. Groups with vacancies can be found on the noticeboards at Monthly Meetings too.

If there are places you would like to visit, please contact the Social Events via the Contact page - we are always looking for interesting venues and welcome new ideas. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please speak to a current member of the Committee for more details.

The Noticeboards at Monthy Meetings and this website have current details of events (new ones will be added during the year)


Monthly Meetings - these are held on 1st Wednesday of every month, except for August and December, at the Holy Trinity Church Main Hall - doors opening at 1.45pm. We have a speaker every month, and their talk starts at 2.30pm. Prior to the speaker, you are welcome to browse our Noticeboards, buy tickets for any events, speak to a Committee member and buy or donate any books at our bookstall - and of course, socialise with fellow members!

The Welcome Team at our Monthly meetings are easily identified by their red sashes and name badges. They are there to help new members (and existing ones) with any queries or information that you need.

Newsletters - the Rayleigh u3a Newsletter is published bi-monthly and can be read on this website. It is emailed to all members with an email address, or a hard copy is available for those without. As a member of u3a you will also receive a regular copy of Third Age Matters, which is a publication from the Trust which will be posted to your home address. You can also sign up for a regular digital newsletter on the Trust's website - Third Age Trust - which is free and delivered to you by email.

Membership Cards - these can be collected from the Membership Secretary at a Members Monthly Meeting. They are bar-coded and you will need to bring them to every u3a event so we can scan your card to know who has attended and who to contact if necessary.

Please can you fill in on the reverse of your card your ICE contact (In Case of Emergency) - their name and telephone number, and always remember to carry this card at any u3a event.

Annual Subscription is £20 per annum per member - this is paid by 31st March each year by Standing Order, Bank Transfer of Cheque. Renewal forms and reminders are posted on our website, in the Newsletter and emailed, and forms are also available at January and February monthly meetings. We also offer the option of being an Associate Member at a reduced rate of £16.50 if you are already a full Member of another u3a. Our Membership Secretary can give you more information about this option.

As a charity, we are able to claim back Gift Aid on the membership payment - if you are a UK tax payer and wish to help support us, please complete a Gift Aid form (on this website under Information/Rayleigh u3a Documents) and return it to the Treasurer. Many thanks for doing this.

Website - do browse this website which is full of helpful information. Some items may come up as protected - then use the Login and Password on the reverse of your Membership card to access it.


If you have an interest or hobby that you would like to share with like-minded people, please speak with our Groups Coordinator. Organising a new Group needn't be daunting - in fact with our support finding a venue (unless you want to hold it at your home) and a small fund of money available to help set up new groups with any equipment they may need, all you need to do is sort out a starting date!

We can also put you in touch with a Group Leader of a similar activity who can help you and give you ideas. There are subject advisors on the Trust's website for many topics that are available for help too.