Welcome to Ravenshead U3A

Registered charity: Number 1154123

Ravenshead is a residential community (population nearly 6,000) situated between Mansfield and Nottingham.

Our U3A was established in January 2012 and now has approximately 400 members. General meetings are held at 10am on the second Tuesday of each month at St Peter’s Church.

There are nearly 40 individual activity groups, the majority of whom meet monthly in ‘The Centre’ at St Peter’s, the village hall or individual member’s homes. We are always looking for possibilities to establish new groups as new interests emerge within our U3A.

Coffee and conversation mornings are held at 10am, on the third Monday of each month in 'The Centre'. This is an opportunity to meet informally with friends and for potential new U3A members to chat and learn of the possibilities within our U3A. New members are always welcome. Come and enjoy a coffee and a chat with us.

New Members can join our U3A by using the new 2018 Membership application form.
Ravenshead U3A started just over 5 years ago and has been relatively successful with over 40 activity groups offering a wide range of interest and social activities. None of this would have been possible without the efforts of our group leaders and committee members who volunteer their time to ensure that planning and organising is done effectively.

At our next Annual General Meeting in June, Maria our business secretary will have completed her 3 years as business secretary. To ensure a smooth continuity of managing our U3A, we are seeking a replacement for that role with the intention that they become familiar with the role prior to the election of officers.

If you think you have experience which is appropriate to this role, please contact Maria or any member of the executive committee, with a view to hearing more of the roles involved in managing our U3A.

You are welcome to attend our committee meetings to listen to our discussions etc.