BEACON is an online management system developed by the National U3A specifically for local U3A’s. Currently We use Beacon to manage our Membership Records, and to send emails to members. We are beginning to train Group Leaders to use Beacon to manage their own group records, events and finances.

RU3A Members, and members of the public can view the public version of the 'Group Lists' and 'Calendar' by clicking these links.
Once connected to the new page, click on any Groups or Events in the lists for additional information.

RU3A members can see more detailed information and options by entering the 'Members Portal'. In order to gain access members will need to fill in the required details including their membership number. Please ensure that you use capital letters and spaces where you normally would such as in between the postcode e.g. NG15 9ZX and that you type your email address carefully!
A copy of the presentation " Beacon Members Portal Intro" can be viewed by clicking the link on the LH side of this page.
When logged in you have the option to see the following pages:
* Ravenshead U3A groups
* Calendar of meetings and events
* Update your personal details

The Members Portal gives members the ability to see and update the personal information that we hold securely on the system for membership purposes. If you change anything it will send you an email with the changes you have made.

RU3A Members Portal
PublicGroup ListsCalendar

The link below is access for Group Leaders and Committee to find the Beacon Login page:

Beacon System Login for GLs / Committee