Last month

November meeting

10 of our Group attended the last meeting of 2017.

The Numbers/Letters/Signs competition winner was Jim Phillips with his “Old Bentley” image (22 pts). Ken White took 2nd place with “Welcome to Swaziland” (15 pts) and Jim scored again in 3rd place with “SatNav Error” (13 pts). Both Glynne and Dennis awarded their Highly Commended certificates to Carol’s “Signs-a-Plenty” which coincidentally got 12 pts. As usual, the winners and some of the other entries are shown to the right and below (scroll down).

Glynne did his usual tweaks of the competition images to illustrate other possibilities. Carol brought some interesting extra shots, including tigers, from her recent visit to India while Jim showed what can be captured just in your own back garden.

We then spent time choosing the monthly competition subjects for 2018. Dennis had prepared a list of 45 possible titles from the past and recent suggestions by some of you. Each person present then chose 11 titles from the list and Glynne and Dennis will now try to combine those choices into a viable programme.

Finally, Glynne gave us a tutorial on “Editing Photographs” to improve and change our images after shooting. Although he used PaintShop Pro to demonstrate, other programmes can be used to get similar results. Removal of red-eye, blurring the background, correcting converging verticals and sloping horizons, turning a landscape into a panorama and cloning out unwanted elements were all covered. Glynne has promised to do a tutorial just on HDR techniques in 2018 for us.

So that was 2017 and Glynne and Dennis would like to thank you all for supporting the Group again and to reiterate our welcome to new members who joined this year, balanced by the sadness we all felt when we heard of regular member Jackie Hopper's passing last month. January 2018 will see the start of our 7th year together and we would ask you to suggest any changes you think might be appropriate - or are you still happy with what we do? Don’t be shy – let us know what you think. If you're not getting what you want, it's your fault!!!