Photography: last month

October meeting

As usual we started with our October competition – Animals/Pets/Birds for which we had 17 entries. Winner was Tony (18 pts) with “Dozing Tree Lion”, and he was also joint Third (9 pts) with his “Grey-crowned Crane”. Second was Terry (11 Pts) with “Warning, Danger”, and Ken shared the Third Place (9 Pts) with “Gannet Dance”. Carol received both Highly Commended certificates for “Daydreamer”. Well done to all who entered because we had some good quality submissions. Next month the subject is “Memory Lane” – let’s have a bumper crop for the last contest of 2018 shall we?

We had some very good animal and bird “extras” from Carol, Ken, Glynne and visitor Chris Watkins. Remember we are always ready to view your extra images whatever the subject matter.

We discussed possible competition subjects for 2019 and we've put together a list of all the suggestions (see below). If you want to influence the final selection, please send the NUMBERS of your top 11 to Glynne BEFORE November's meeting, so we can circulate a final list at the meeting. Hopefully this method will give everyone some input, even if they can't make the meeting. I'll publish the final list in next month's meeting synopsis.

We also discussed the possibility that one of our summer meetings could be to Crich Tram Museum in the Village Bus driven by Glynne! That would allow us to cover an Action/Motion theme or put together a short video, if that theme comes in the top 11.

The second half featured Glynne as usual with a really entertaining presentation on “Photographing People”. From his wide experience - particularly of wedding photography - he was able to indicate the pitfalls and responsibilities of contributing to a couple’s Big Day while using his skills to get the pictures that delight. Selection of equipment and techniques play a key part in the process. It’s obviously not for the faint-hearted or the inept casual snapper.