2017 meets

July meet

July 13th, a dry but overcast day, saw 8 members embark on a 3 hour appreciation of Collingham gravel pits and Besthorpe Nature Reserve. On the way the group assembled at the entrance to Langford Lowfields RSPB to take in the Little Owl family before proceeding to the gravel pits. Birds were few on the ground but moths, butterflies, damselflies and wild flowers kept the group busy with identification challenges. Mons pool at Besthorpe N R gave good views of Green Sandpiper, and Common Sandpiper was observed on the Silt pond. A colony of 40 cormorant was also sighted. All in all, our target list was increased to 64.

In total, 38 species were sighted, along with 8 butterflies, damsel fly and red-tailed bee. Flower find of the day was Wild Chicory.

August meet

On the 16th at North Cave, the clear sunny day was enjoyed by 5 members and 1 guest from France. 34 different birds were identified including 5 new species to add to our list (now 69). New ones were black swan, house sparrow, mandarin duck, curlew and barnacle goose. We came across 6 different dragon and demoiselle flies plus 5 butterflies. The star wildflower was the evening primrose. The highlight of the day was the flight of 1,000 greylag geese.

September meet

7 birders enjoyed the outing, with good weather, on their visit to Idle Washes and Danesthorpe. 36 different birds were identified, which included 5 new birds for this year’s target of 161. They are Marsh Harrier, Jay, Red-Crested Pochard, Snipe, and Whinchat. This brings our hit list to 95 (if figures don't add up with previous, blame Graham!). 6 different butterflies were spotted: they were Red Admiral, Brimstone, Large and Small Whites, Comma, and Speckled Wood. The day's highlight? 48 Red-Crested Pochard.
Photographically the day was poor, many species being too distant to allow a good photograph, and - with the sun mainly in the same direction as the birds - conditions produced little but silhouettes!

October meet

Six members and a day guest enjoyed some good sightings on a very grey windless day but luckily missed most of the rain. 40 species were seen, of which five - green sandpiper, stonechat, kingfisher, rook, and stock dove - were added to the list. We're now up 100! This month's highlight: good view of a weasel.

November meet

7 intrepid birders walked around Attenborough in grey, misty weather and saw 44 species of birds. We added 4 to our target list - now 110/161. They were Goldcrest, Goosander, Redwing, and Goldeneye. Highlight of the day - snail on a raspberry leaf.

December meet

5 well-wrapped members had a lovely walk on a beautiful sunny morning but with a bitterly cold wind. Approx 250 greylag geese flew onto the lake in 5 skeins (what a sight!). A largish number of pochards were seen (numbers on the decline). Two new birds to add to our target are sparrow hawk and tree creeper. Highlights of the day were tree creeper and pochards. All together 38 species were seen.

April: Frampton Marsh, 6 birders, 41 species seen, 2 heard.
May: Netherfield Lagoons, 38 species seen
June: Gibraltar Point, 11 birders, 46 species
July: Collingham/Besthorpe, 8 birders, 38 species
August: North Cave, 6 birders, 34 species seen
September: Idle Valley, 7 birders, 36 species
October: Old Moor, 7 birders, 40 species
November: Attenborough, 7 birders, 44 species
December: Colwick, 5 birders, 38 species