Monthly Meeting Report

For our first meeting of 2019, we were treated to our speaker Paul Newsham’s second visit to us, his title this time was the Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire of London happened between 2-5 September in 1666, it began in a bakery in Pudding Lane. Before the fire began there had been a drought in London that lasted for ten months, so the city was very dry.

In 1666, lots of people had houses made from wood and straw which burned easily, they were also built very close together. We know what happened during the fire because people back then wrote about it in letters and newspapers – for instance, Samuel Pepys wrote about it in his diary.

Artists who were alive in 1666 painted pictures of the fire afterwards, so we know what it would have looked like if we’d been there too. To fight fires during this time people would have used leather buckets, metal hooks and water squirts.

People whose homes had burnt down lived in tents in the fields around London while buildings were rebuilt. When houses were rebuilt, a lot of them were made in bricks instead of wood, and they weren’t built so close together. Sir Christopher Wren designed a monument to remember the Great Fire of London which still stands today, and we are still learning today about issues from the Great Fire.

We all enjoyed the talk very much, especially as Paul involved the members with questions and interactivity throughout.

We have three new groups starting this year, Belly Dancing, Russian, and Bowls, so much to look forward to.

Our next meeting will be on February 12th at 10am in St Peters Church.
Coffee and Conversation will be on Monday February 18th from 10am to 12pm in the Centre, do come along and why not bring a friend.
Lesley Green (Chair)