NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS! ***Read here the Agenda cum Notice SGM 230321***
Your committee is calling an Special General Meeting on 23 March 2021 at 10 a.m. to propose the adoption of a new updated constitution. This is the latest model advised by the Third Age Trust and the main changes deal with the following areas:

  • the holding of virtual general and committee meetings
  • the re-election of committee members for six years continuously with a further three years after a minimum year’s break (currently only the treasurer can continue for six years)
  • the delegation of some of the committee activities to ordinary members.
  • reduction of quorum from 20% to 10% at formal general meetings

Please read the proposed Ravenshead u3a Constitution 2021 and compare it with the current 2018 one which you can find on the Committee page
It would be great if the EGM could reach a quorum and complete the planned business on the 23 March without having to be adjourned. We urge all members to attend.
2020 proved to be a Challenging Year but we’ve been staying positive. We’ve been planning an increased level of online activity in 2021, with an expectation of the return of Physical Meetings in the latter part of the year.

Communication with the Elderly Keeping our Groups in touch with each other has been paramount for their cohesiveness, so we have been using technology such as Zoom, Skype, email and telephone.

All our physical meetings have had to be suspended for now, but the situation is under constant review by the committee.

How We’re Keeping You Informed....

Links to our "Keep In Touch" Newsletters (KIT) which have been sent out by email to those members with an email address, or delivered by hand or post to other members are also reproduced below.

Please see the latest KIT Newsletter below for up to date information.
Our latest KIT is in PDF format. IF you have difficulty opening it use this link to download Adobe PDF reader.

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U3A National Programmes for all The following link is a list of initiatives planned by the Third Age Trust (TAT) to support our members through the winter months. Do have a look or download the sheet for reference. u3a Winter Learning Programme

Advice from TAT regarding our own activities can be seen on the u3a website here: u3a - Covid-19 advice on u3a activities

NOTE: Coronavirus 2020
In the current circumstances our groups are in touch with their members and are meeting virtually using Zoom, Skype, email and telephone. Scheduled physical meetings are suspended but the situation is under constant review by the committee._

For the latest information and ideas go to the Virtual Group Page or click on this link >>>> VIRTUAL GROUP