Monthly Meeting Report

152 members attended our first meeting of 2018. After a coffee break and a chat, we all sat down to listen to our speaker for the month.

Dr Fred Rumsey from the National History Museum talked about rare plants found in the UK, some that only grow here, and nowhere else in the world.

He is the British plant specialist with a strong interest in conservation, he is also very closely involved with many of the British botanical societies.

One of the contenders for being Britain’s rarest plant is the Lady’s Slipper Orchid found near Grassington, although they have managed to collect seeds and grow some. The Monkey Orchid which has flowers shaped like a monkey was nearly extinct, until one was found near the Thames, and also sighted in Kent. Different forms of rare sea lavender are found in Portland Bill Dorset, two species of which grow nowhere else on earth !. Some plants are rare is because they are reliant on soil conditions. We are all now going to try and be more observant when out walking and visiting these places.

Our next coffee and conversation morning will be on Monday 19th February in the Centre.
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday February 13th in the Church at St Peters at 10 am.

Lesley Green


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