Monthly Meeting Report

We welcomed Chris Dingley a solicitor who now works for Collective Legal Solutions to talk to us on the intriguing title of Tax Care and Toy Boys. Here is a sample of some of the points he made.

The talk concentrated on preparing for our demise, not a happy subject but Chris added a lot of humour in with his excellent advice. For instance most of us have made a Will but although we have put in it our wishes to loved ones etc, it cannot protect our assets during our lifetime. Then there is care for loved ones, long term care fees result in as many as 100 homes being sold each day to fund care.

Chris also told us how important “Lasting Power of Attorney” was, a legal document that allows an individual to appoint the person or people they trust to manage their financial affairs and/or welfare if they are no longer able to do it for themselves. The “Toy Boys” part of the talk referred to something called Sideways Disinheritance. This is when a surviving spouse re-marries and it can result in the new partner ultimately inheriting everything, whilst the children receive nothing. These issues are things that need to be considered and measures taken to ensure that your assets end up going to those you intended.

After questions from members, Chris offered to follow up any personal queries by members who wanted further information.

We all said how informative and useful the talk had been and we were now rushing home to look at our own legal documents and Wills.

A trip to Liverpool to see the Terracotta Army Exhibition on September 18th
Thursford Christmas Show on November 28th
U3A’s Xmas Lunch at Portland College on December 18th
Many different walks long and short.
Coffee and Conversation on Monday September 17th

Date of our next meeting is Tuesday September 11th in St Peters Church at 10am
Lesley Green (Chair)