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was formed as a RavensheadU3A District Interest Group -circa- December 2014'
Felley Mill walk 19/12/18 Felley Mill walk 19/12/18 Felley Mill walk 19/12/18 Felley Mill walk 19/12/18 Felley Mill walk 19/12/18 (83) On Dec 19th 2018 John Woffinden led 8 Hikers members on the Annesley to Felley Mill Walk Weather was mild and sunny on mainly hard standing footpaths.
Refreshments were enjoyed at the Badger Box PH at the end of the walk. We took the opportunity to explore the Ruins of Old Annesley Church with a fine panoramic view of the Nottinghamshire landscape.

Hikers Festive Meal 2018 On Dec 5th 2018 26 members of the Hikers Group met @ Forever Green Restaurant for their annual Festive Meal. Mike had booked to attend but was unwell on the day 'a chest infection' Sandra and I popped round to Mikes to wish him well and pass on the best wishes from all the group for a speedy recovery. The menu choices, the service and atmosphere was once again excellent. I hope to make next years reservation at the same Location. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Hikers members.

Caunton Norwell Walk Nov 22nd 2018 Caunton Norwell Walk Nov 22nd 2018 Caunton Norwell Walk Nov 22nd 2018 Caunton Norwell Walk Nov 22nd 2018 (82) On 22/11/2018 Colin Wild led 16 Hikers group members on the Caunton Norwell Circular walk approx 5 ¾ miles. On the day the weather was overcast and cold . It was good to see such a high turn out. The mud when crossing some fields was particularly clarty and our boots definitely got heavier at times.


Vicar Water Walk 7/11/2018 Vicar Water Walk 7/11/2018 (81) On 7/11/18 Rob Taylor led 8 Hikers members on the Vicar Walker Circular walk. We all rendezvoused at the Golden Hand Car park at the east end of the lake. as we started the walk the rain had cleared and later as we exited Spa Ponds nature reserve the sun began to break out. A new member joined the Hikers group and shared today's walk, Lorraine. The walk was lively with the usual topics of conversation between well established friends. Refreshmenst at the end of the Walk were had at the Rumbles Cafe, Lorraine thanked everyone for their warm welcome and shes keen to join in on future walks.

Ogston - Ashover Circular Ogston - Ashover Circular Ogston - Ashover Circular (80) "An excellent walk today. Perfect weather. Legs aching now."P x. On Oct 17th Malcolm Scott led 11 hikers on the Ogston to Ashover Walk. from Pauline's quote in an email she sent with these pictures, from the walk, it was a great day out.


Castle Head - Castle Rigg walk 2018 Castle Head - Castlerigg walk 2018 Castle Head - Castle Rigg walk 2018 Castle Head - Castle Rigg walk 2018 (79) On October 4th 2018 Steve Hargreaves led 6 members of the Hikers Group on the Castle Head - Castle Rigg stone circle diff Moderate 5 mile circular walk. Weather was overcast and light rain. Walk began at the Derwentwater ferry terminal and ended at the Mute Hall.


Trams Trains & Canals Trams Trains & Canals Trams Trains & Canals (78) On 19th September 2018 Steve Hargreaves led 7 members of the Hikers group on the Trams, Trains and Canal walk Difficulty of the walk was Easy . We rendezvoused at Willkinson Street NET park and ride catching the tram to Toton Lane.. The walk took approx 3hrs 10 mins. Weather was dry but the winds were gusty at times in exposed places. We passed through the Stapleford Cemetery which was donated to Stapleford by Joseph Fearfield in 1880. Fearfield owned a local Lace Factory and he employed approximately 120 workers ( children, women and men) at the peak of his factory's production but on the 8th Jan 1881 Joseph’s factory appears in the Pall Mall Gazette 4954 PASTED :::::::The Large Lace Factory of Mr Joseph Fearfield of Stapleford, Notts, was destroyed by fire yesterday.


Pleasley - Glapwell 5-9-2018 Pleasley - Glapwell 5-9-2018 Pleasley - Glapwell 5-9-2018 Pleasley - Glapwell 5-9-2018 (77) On 5th September 2018 Frances Gilbert led 9 Hikers group members on the Pleasley - Glapwell Linear walk along the Archaeological Way.The walk began at the Pleasley Colliery mining museum car park and ended at the Young Vanish ph in Glapwell. to get back to the Car park at Pleasley we used the frequent Pronto Stagecoach bus from the Young Vanish bus stop. The Archaeological Way follows and passes over rocks formed in the 'The Permian geological period' which spanned 47 million years from the end of the Carboniferous Period 298.9 million years ago (Mya), to the beginning of the Triassic period 251.902 Mya. The underlying geology of Permian Magnesium Limestone has helped create the landscape you can see today. Grasslands, farmland and woodlands are crossed by small streams which carved gorges and vales, such as Creswell Crags and Pleasley Vale. Weather was warm and dry throughout the walk at the end of walk refreshments were taken at the Young Vanish.


Nine Ladies Walk Aug 15th 2018 Nine Ladies stone circle Aug 2018 Nine Ladies walk Group Photo Nine Ladies end of walk refreshments (76) On 15th Aug 2018 Richard Kirby led 11 Hikers Group members on the Nine Ladies walk from Rowsley Peak Village car park, the Back Marker was Malcolm Scott Malcolm and Richard had recce'd this walk together and it was encouraging to see that 9 Hikers members joined them on their first walk as joint leaders. The walk followed well used footpaths through shady Woodland , across many arable fields of sheep and cows through the rolling pastures of the hills and dales around the Wye River in Derbyshire. Parking at the Peak village was free all day and the walk ended with refreshments at Massarella's restaurant.

Carsington to Brassinton Aug 2018 Carsington to Brassinton Aug 2018 Carsington to Brassington Aug 2018 Carsington to Brassington Aug 2018 (**75**) Walk 75 was led by Steve Hargreaves who led 8 Hikers on the Carsington to Brassington Circular 5.5 miles 2.5 hrs , weather was great with clear blue skies and it was week 8 of the long hot summer 2018.. Two cars of walkers rendezvou'd at the Sheep Wash car park @ Carsington Reservoir. The panoramic views across Carsington reservoir and Wirksworth Dale made the walk memorable for all, however this walk will be forever remembered for the grumpy attitude of the staff at the bar of the Carsington Miners Arms when faced with an order of Blackurrant cordials + Carling Ciders + Spritzers + Blond Ipa's, it was on the day inexplicably challenging.


Sherwood Forest - Major Oak Sherwood Forest - Major Oak Sherwood Forest - Major Oak Cake for all
(74) On July 18th 2018 Steve Hargreaves led 17 Members of the Hikers on the Sherwood Forest Major Oak circular walk. 6.5 miles 3 hrs starting and ending at the Dukeries Lodge Edwinstowe Notts. Sandra made a very nice Victoria sponge - complimenting and thanking Steve for the hard work he'd put into organizing the Hikers Group the cake was shared by all the Hikers on the Walk..This weeks weather was a continuation of the hottest and driest spell of weather since 1976, record levels of temperature and low levels of rainfall had been recorded across the whole of the UK. We passed several water aquifer boreholes on our walk and it reminds us that our tap water supply is provided by Nottinghamshire sub aquifers. A third of our drinking water comes from groundwater, which is the same as most bottled water. To access this natural source, water companies drill boreholes into a host of sandstone aquifers across the Midlands. Put simply, an aquifer is an underground layer of rock, gravel or sand, that water filters through. These large aquifers are boosted by smaller ones in the Cotswolds and Derbyshire area. Water companies then drill boreholes hundreds of metres into the ground to reach this naturally filtered water. After years of being slowly filtered through the rock layers, the pumped groundwater needs very little treatment. Once it’s pumped to the surface, it's extremely close to your wonderfully clear water from your taps that we all know and love.


Norfolk Cley next to the Sea walk Cley next to the Sea Walk (73) On July 11th 2018 John Clay led 8 Hikers on the Cley next the Sea, This was John's second circular walk along parts of the Norfolk Coastline. The group had refreshments at the Art Cafe - it is North Norfolk's only vegetarian restaurant, gallery and licensed cafe. A place to buy beautiful creations, enjoy fantastic, locally roasted coffee, indulge in delicious vegetarian food and cakes and relax in delightful surroundings.


Weybourne walk July 11- 2018 Weybourne walk July 11- 2018 (72) On July 10th 2018 John Clay led 9 Hikers on the Weybourne Circular walk in Norfolk. The group made their own accommodation arrangements nearby and joined with John and Sue on the 3 hr circular walk. The picture to the right is of the Famous Weybourne Station. The main station was built in 1900 although other structures, of the appropriate era, such as the signal box, waiting room and footbridge have been 'imported' from other locations. (BR, on the closure of the line, raised the station and track, apart from the main station building). Its main claim to fame is as the location of the 'Dad's Army' episode, Royal Train, although it is frequently used by other film makers and artists.


(71)Hikers preparing for the Redmires walk Redmires walk July 4th 2018 Redmires walk July 4th 2018 Redmires walk July 4th 2018 On July 4th Colin Wild led a group of 8 Hikers on the Redmires Reservoir walk. Distance 6.125 m 3.5 hrs. Weather was perfect a bright sunny day with a pleasant cooling breeze, the Peak district looked at its best with heather and bracken covering large acres of the moors. The Redmire reservoir was empty because major repair work to the Dam structure was underway, and construction was being improved to allow water extraction from the reservoirs deepest depths once the work is completed. The work is scheduled to be completed by April 2019.The picture on the left is of the notorious secret reservoir designated so by Colin however we came across many walkers on our walk who knew of it's location, hard luck Colin :-)


(70) Southwell Circular June 2018 Southwell Circular June 2018 On June 20th Frances Gilbert led a group of 18 Hikers on the Southwell Circular walk. 66% of the walk was along the Robin Hood Way, the walk began from Bishops drive car park in Southwell. Ann Sayer joined as a new member and Chris Marr attended as a guest. The weather was mostly dry and sunny with some very light drizzle as we circumnavigated Brackenhurst College. Refreshments at the end of the walk were taken in the Minster Cafe.


(69) Ambergate walk 6th June 2018 Ambergate walk 6th June 2018 On June 6th Robert and Pauline Taylor led a group of 7 Hikers on the Ambergate Walk. The walk was a relatively easy walk with a modest incline of 100m through Shining Cliff Woods. A view to the East of where the Lunch stop was made revealed the monument at Crich on the far horizon.


(68)Bakewell Sheldon Ashford in the Water Bakewell Sheldon Ashford in the Water Bakewell Sheldon Ashford in the Water Bakewell Sheldon Ashford in the Water Bakewell Sheldon Ashford in the Water Bakewell Sheldon Ashford in the Water On May 16th John Clay led a group of 8 Hikers who braved the blast from the north.The walk started at Bakewell car park with a stiff climb up past the Church and out into open country. There was several stiff climbs on route to the village of Sheldon where we found a sheltered spot to have lunch with the hens for company. After lunch it was down hill all the way to Ashford in the Water. We then returned to Bakewell walking beside the river.


(67)Hardwick Hall Walk 18-04-2018 Hardwick Hall Walk 18-04-2018 Hardwick Hall Walk 18-04-2018 On 18th April 2018 on a warm and sunny day Steve Hargreaves led 11 Hikers on 5 ½ mile circular walk from the Hardwick Hall - Silverhill Wood Country Park. Susanne Smith is the newest member of the Hiking group, we hope to see her on future walks. Refreshments were had at the Hardwick Hall Cafe, pictures show us relaxing under the sun canopies in the courtyard of Hardwick Hall.


(66)West Bridgford - circular- West Bridgford - circular- On 11 April 2018 John Devlin led 6 (+1 Junior Guest) Hikers members on the Westbridgford walk. Frances Gilbert had asked me a few weeks ago if her Grandchildren could join the walk? I had no objections to Grandchildren joining our walk especially as it was Easter Hols from School.
Weather in Ravenshead as we set off was fogy and drizzly Our junior Guest was Harry Gilbert the 10 Yr old grandson of Frances. The walk to Holme Pierrepont via Wilford suspension bridge was easy and took the group about 3 Hrs. total. Harry was well behaved attentive and easy to get on with. Everyone marvelled at the way he devoured his Hot Chocolate and marsh mallows @ the Poppy and Pint PH. in Lady Bay Notts.
(65)Bakewell - Little Longstone circular Bakewell - Little Longstone circular Bakewell - Little Longstone circular On Mar 21 st Anne Bister led the Bakewell to Little Longstone walk 11 Hikers joined the walk meeting up at the Sherwood Ranger before rendezvousing at Bakewell for the beginning of the walk.
There was snow on the hills of Derbyshire and in places some snow on the footpaths. the majority of the footpaths were good and firm but inevitably the melting snow created some muddy parts, the walk was approx 8 miles 4hrs duration. Weather wise it was a great spring day on which to be out and about, clear blue skies with a slight chill in the NW breeze.


On Mar 7th 2018 the Southwell Walk to be led by Frances Gilbert was cancelled because of the inclement weather. The week before the walk had seen extreme snowfall all over the UK and it was followed by a rapid thaw which led to very muddy ground conditions.


(64)Eakring Circular walk 21 Feb 18 Mansey Common muddy footpath 21 Feb 18 Dukes Wood memorial statue 21 Feb 18 On 21st Feb 2018 Steve Hargreaves led a group of 16 Hikers on the Eakring reverse circular walk. The conditions of the ground through Mansey Common was very very muddy, as can been seen in the attached photos. We began and ended the walk @ the Saville Arms using their car park for our cars. Two new members joined the group for the walk Graham May and Fiona Munton and although conditions were very challenging because of the mud, all the group made it to the end of the walk for refreshments at the Saville Arms.


(63)Feb 7th 2018 Hikers Lunch break Feb 7th 2018 Walk from Bilsthorpe Feb 7th 2018 Huskies On Feb 7th 2018 Steve Hargreaves led a group of 6 Hikers on the Bilsthorpe Sherwood Pines Forest circular walk. The walk was 8 ½ miles taking 4 hrs, weather was sunny , dry with clear blue skies and a pleasent climate for a winter walk. We began and ended the walk from the Copper Beech ph Bilsthorpe. I've included 3 pictures taken on the walk and we were surprised to come across a Dog Sled team training for this year Competition which will take place on the weekend 10/11 Feb. Refreshments were taken @ the Copper Beech at the end of the walk.


(62)Newstead Abbey Walk Dec 20th 2017 Newstead Abbey Walk Dec 20th 2017 On Dec 20th 2017 Steve Hargreaves led a group of 14 Hikers on a circular walk from Horse & Groom PH to Newstead Abbey distance was 5¾ miles taking approximately 2¾ hrs. The difficulty was - easy- This was a repeat of the Inaugural Walk which we walked on Dec 17th 2014 scroll to the foot of this page for more information of our inaugural walk.. Both walks took the Cycle route which uses the disused Great Northern Railway line to get to Newstead Abbey. Newstead Abbey -- ruins of an Augustinian Priory-- built by Henry II in 1170. The return to Linby was through Abbey woods and Papplewick village. Refreshments were enjoyed @ the Horse & Groom PH.

(61)Ransom Wood walk Dec 6th 2017 Hikers Festive meal @ Forever Green 2017 Hikers Festive meal Dec 6th 2017 On Dec 6th 2017 Steve Hargreaves led a group of 13 hikers on a short walk through Ransom Woods we met @ the Forever Green Restaurant car park at 10.30 am weather was mild and dry for the walk which took approximately 1½ hrs. Steve had arranged for the Hikers Festive meal at the Forever Green restaurant, 11 more members joined the walking party for the meal making a group of 24 Hikers see pictures taken inside the restaurant. We dined in the upper banquet suite at the restaurant and the food and service was once again to a high standard.

(60)Badger Dog & Bear Walk 15/11/2017 Badger Dog & Bear Walk 15/11/2017 On Nov 15th 2017 Steve Hargreaves led a group of 10 Hikers members on the 5¾m Easy walk starting and ending at the Badger Box 'ph' Anneseley. I enjoyed walking with friends and it was also nice to welcome back Glenys to this walk, her personal circumstances have in the past determined her attendance, we also welcomed our newest member Richard Kirby. The weather was overcast , autumnal and calm with mist on surrounding hills. I enjoyed leading the walk and covering some of the Industrial / Mining heritage associated with the area. There are many connections to my past career in the mining industry and connecting this to my favourite hobby of walking is very enjoyable, I hope this added to everyone's interest and enjoyment on the day.

(59)Approaching White Edge Nov 1st 2017 Companion Stone @ White Edge 1/11/2017 Wellingtons monument @ Curbar Edge Frogatt Edge Nov 1st 2017 On Nov 1st 2017 John Wooffinden led a group of 11 Hikers members on the 7.8m walk across White Edge - Curbar Edge - Frogatt Edge. the walk began from the layby near to the Grouse public House on the A625. Weather was dry with high cloud and relatively mild for this time of year the grass on moors had changed to their autumn colours and made it difficulty to see the herds of Deer on the far horizon. Standard of the walk was Easy taking approximately 3hrs 50 mins to complete. Refreshments were enjoyed by a few at the Peacock public house. the following Link offers an insight into the words carved into the companion stone on White edge.

(58)Moorgreen - Greasley Circular On October 25th Mike Thomas was walk leader for the Moorgreen to Greasley circular walk. He led 9 hikers group members on a very sunny and pleasant walk in Nottinghamshire. walk ended with refreshments at Belvior Priory see the attached photo. The ground wasn't as wet and muddy as expected bearing in mind Storm Brian had passed through Notts in the previous couple of days.

-------- Keswick 2017 --------

Welcome to Keswick October 2017

From October 1st until October 6th 2017, 10 members of the hikers group met together in Keswick to enjoy walking in the Derwentwater Area of the Lake District

-------- Keswick 2017 --------

(57)Oct 3rd 2017
Crossing Derwentwater on the Ferry Rear view from Keswick Launch Group photo at top of Cat Bells
Steve Hargreaves led a group of 5 to top of Cat Bells weather mixed with Mist and Clear blue skies during the walk. We took a ride on the Keswick ferry to Hawes End to begin or ascent to the heights of Cat Bells. The panoramic views across Derwentwater towards Borrowdale enrich the walk at this time of year as the Autumn season sets in, offering views of richly coloured flora. In the evening 10 Hikers + my wife got together for a meal at La Mama Italian Restaurant in Keswick we enjoyed the ambiance of the Restaurant well enough for us to book a last night meal at the same restaurant on Fri 6th October.

-------- Keswick 2017 --------

(56)Oct 4th.
Rain affected the planned walk to Dock Tarn which was cancelled but the group split into smaller sub groups touring the local area some by car and some by bus to Cockermouth visiting NT Wordsworth's House, - Penrith a local town east of Keswick along the A66. Jan and I also visited the - Lakeland Distillery which was set up in 2014 to become the first and only England distillery. The distillery is hoping to retail it's first totally English Malt whiskey in 2018.

-------- Keswick 2017 --------

(55)Entrust Sculpture Derwentwater walk Derwentwater Marsh Lodore Falls Borrowdale Lake District
Oct 5th 2017 The shoreline walk of Derwentwater began by taking the ferry crossing from Keswick to Hawes End 10 Hikers made the beginning of the walk but at the marshes at the southern end of Derwentwater the persistent rain of the previous 24hrs had raised the water level to be 10" above the footpath, myself and 2 members continued by wading through the water to reach the Lodore Falls which was in spectacular full flow as a result of the heavy rain the previous day, from the Falls we continued the shoreline walk back along Derwentwater to Keswick. The majority of the Group retraced the walk to Hawes End then walked through the village of Portinscale to join the footpath skirting to the north of Derwentwater to reach Keswick.

-------- Keswick 2017 --------
(53 & 54)Scale Force Waterfall. Fish Inn Buttermere Crummock Water
Oct 6th 2017.
The final two walks were scheduled as alternative walks, Walk A was a shoreline walk of Buttermere Lake which John Devlin led and Walk B was to Scale Force which Steve Hargreaves led.
The whole group travelled on the Honister Rambler 77A from Keswick bus station to the Fish Inn at Buttermere before separating into two groups for these walks. We disembarked from the bus at 11.25 and walked from the Fish Inn along the bridleway to Sourmilk Gill which is where the two walks diverged, 5 members went with John on the Buttermere shoreline walk, 3 members went with me to Scale Force. weather was bright and sunny and we all regrouped at the fish Inn at approximately 2.25 pm for the return bus to Keswick but high demand meant the bus was crowded with standing room only for some for the return journey to Keswick. Myself Mike Thomas and David Foster caught the 3.18pm return bus to Keswick. The Honister Rambler is a seasonal service operated by 'Stagecoach' from Keswick and travels in a clockwise '77A' direction to Buttermere and back or in a counterclockwise '77' direction to Buttermere and back is an hourly service.


(52)Bothamsall Conjure Alders Circular Bothamsall Conjure Alders Circular On September 20th - 2017 Steve Hargreaves led 11 group members on a 7 ¾ mile walk starting from the car park mid way between Bothamsall and Walesby @ Grid SK 681 727. Weather was mild and autumnal with a max of 19 C. During the walk we came across the Reindeer pictured in their paddock at Haughton Park House Farm. There were also a number of groups of Teenagers that we passed doing their DoE Bronze challenge. A very pleasent September walk with good friends.

(51)Biggin Dale 06-09-17 Biggin Dale 06-09-17 Biggin Dale 06-09-17 On September 6th -2017 Mike Thomas led 10 Hikers Group members on a 6 ¾ mile walk starting and ending at the Waterloo Inn @ Biggin in Derbyshire this walk was originally scheduled for June 7th 2017 but was unfortunately cancelled because of high winds on that day. The walk took approximately 3 ½ hrs at a steady pace, some of the limestone cobbles in the Dale were slippery after overnight rain but with steady encouragement and support from everyone we completed the walk easily and steadily.

(50)Cresswell Crags 50th Hikers walk Happy Hikers Cresswell Crags 50th Hikers walk Hikers Group was formed by Steve Hargreaves as a Ravenshead U3A District Interest Group December 2014' and Our 50th walk was on 16th August 2017 walk leader Steve Hargreaves led 15 Group members on a 7 mile circular walk from Cresswell Crags Visitor Centre passing the two Lakes at Welbeck Manor - through open countryside towards Worksop Manor - returning back to the Cresswell Crags Visitor Centre
Cresswell Crags 50th Hikers walk Cheers, John and Sue on their 56th Anni We commemorated our 50th walk with Victoria Sponge Cake made by Sandra Smith and Almond Summer Fruit Cake (raspberries and blackberries) made by Jean Spencer Jean supplied the plates and napkins, the Prosecco and drinking cups were supplied by Steve Hargreaves As well as toasting our 50th Walk we celebrated John & Sue Clay's 56th wedding Anniversary with Sparkling Prosecco Wine

(49)Edwinstowe Rufford Abbey walk On 2nd Aug the rendezvous of River Hamps Staffordshire was changed to Edwinstowe - Rufford Abbey circular the reason being, prolonged rain and fog were predicted for North Staffordshire. Steve Hargreaves Edwinstowe Rufford Abbey walk Edwinstowe Rufford Abbey walk led a party of seven walkers on the walk ( known as the 7 * 49r's party). For those that regularly follow this Blog Page you will realise this was the 49th Walk since Ravenshead U3A Hikers were formed.

(48)On 18th July the Elton Circular walk to be led by John Clay was postponed due to lack of support Three members met at the Sherwood Ranger as per usual but deiced to postpone the walk. I't rescheduled for next Year 2018

(47)On 5th July 2017 The Vale of Belvior walk was led by John Devlin he had 6 members on the walk on a bright warm day.

(46)Grantham Canal June 2017 On the longest day of the year. 21st June 2017 The Kinoulton Circular walk due to be led by David Meer was led by Steve Hargreaves 12 Hikers members joined in this walk, which was 6¼ miles long started and ended @ Kinoulton's, Nevile Arms PH Tel: 0194981236 We wish David a speedy recovery and hope he can rejoin us on future walks asap. We had a walk which was determined by the ambient weather conditions, at times hot and humid during the June 2017 heat wave. We broke our walk @ approximately half way at St Mary's Church :- "Extract from Colston Basset St Mary Nottingham Archdeaconry."The ruins of St Mary’s Church" ; stand on a low rise nearly a kilometre north east of the village of Colston Bassett. It was built on the site of an older church, probably Saxon. (A Saxon stone has been found nearby.) It was definitely in existence by 1135.

The oldest visible part, according to Pevsner, is the walled-up Norman north arcade with circular piers but pointed arches. The south arcade was partly transitional, partly 14th century. Also of the 14th century are the chancel and tower arch, although the tower is 15th century with the typical frieze of this neighbourhood.

Pevsner thought the south transept must have had ’a sumptuous window’ but it is now all gone. In the mid-18th century classical windows were inserted.

Much of the building is of blocks of blue bias limestone in thin layers. Several different stones, eg white limestone and ironstone, were used for dressing and facing. There are a number of good slate headstones in the churchyard.

The depopulation of the Wolds led to decline and by 1744 the church was in disrepair. Permission was granted to demolish the north aisle, arcade and transept and south porch. In 1892 the Diocese allowed the interior fittings and roof to be removed after Robert M Knowles of Colston Bassett Hall built the new church of St John the Divine in the village.St Mary

Two bells were transferred to the latter and the screen went to Long Whatton All Saints, Leicestershire.

However St Mary’s was never de-consecrated. In July 2005 a service of re-dedication was held in the ruins following restoration work, which began in 1994 led by John Severn. It is a scheduled Ancient Monument and is listed Grade I.

editor's acknowledgement - East Bingham Deanery

On 7th June 2017 the walk through Biggin Dale was postponed because of extreme winds, at times in excess of 50 mph, these winds were capable of bringing down Trees and Branches especially as they have full leaf at this time of year. June this year had followed an extended dry spring and the winds were more reminiscent of those traditionally associated with March and November. Climate change may well be influencing the weather patterns, from my memory High Speed Storm force winds are very rare at this time of year.

On 17th May The Calton Lees Walk was postponed because of Inclement weather. This walk will be rescheduled as one of next years walks.

(45)Alfreton Park Walk Alfreton Park Walk coffee break On May 3rd John Clay led 15 members on the Alfreton Park Walk a circular walk through blue bell woods between Oakerthorpe and South Wingfield near to the River Amber, Derbyshire. The weather started sunny but soon became cooler under the cloud with a chilling easterly wind.The walk began from and returned to the free car park adjacent to the Cricket Ground inside Alfreton Park.The vibrant display of blue bells (1,000s +) that we viewed, made today's walk special. Near to the end of the walk we called in at the Alfreton Leisure centre for teas and coffees.

(44)Digley Reservoir Walk 19-4-17 Digley Reservoir Black Pool Bridge Digley Reservoir On April 19th Steve Hargreaves led 8 Group members on the Digley Reservoir Walk The 5¼ mile walk began at the Digley Quarry Car Park Picnic Spot. The Weather was dry with mostly light grey cloud and a cool northwesterly breeze. Digley reservoir lies just north of Holme north-east of Black Hill. There are good views down towards Holmefirth with undulating moorland views. The scenery and area are synonymous with the BBC Comedy "Last of the Summer Wine" which was set and filmed in and around Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, England, and centred on a trio of old men and their youthful misadventures, Norman Clegg, "Foggy" Dewhurst, and William "Compo" Simmonite.

(43)Worksop Lockeeper Walk April 5th 2017 Worksop Lockeeper Walk April 5th 2017 On April 5th John Devlin led 15 Group members on the Worksop Lockeeper Circular walk. The weather was warm and sunny with lots of breaks in the clouds. John Began the 7 mile walk from the Lockeeper Public House car park adjacent to the Chesterfield Canal.The canal runs for 46 miles from the River Trent to the middle of Chesterfield, linking Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.The Chesterfield Canal Trust is a charitable company run entirely by volunteers, incorporated in July 1997. In 1998 it took over the assets of the former Chesterfield Canal Society, which had been formed in 1976. In 2016 8 miles of restoration is left to complete.The aims of the Chesterfield Canal Trust are to promote the full restoration and appropriate development of the Chesterfield Canal, and to campaign for the construction of the Rother Valley Link, a navigable waterway to join the Chesterfield Canal to the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.

(42)Pit ponies and Shepherds! Walk 15-03-17 Pit ponies and Shepherds! Walk 15-03-17 Pit ponies and Shepherds! Walk 15-03-17 Pit ponies and Shepherds! Walk 15-03-17 On March 15th 2017 Anne Bister led 11 group members on the Pit Ponies and Shepherd Walk. the weather was glorious with warm spring sunshine and clear blue skies. Anne began the 8½ mile walk from the Headstocks car park @ Brinsley the car park was very busy but Anne had made arrangements with the Brinsley Lodge Landlord to use his car park. The walk took approximately 5 hrs starting from and returning to the Headstocks car park. We welcomed Sandra who is a new member of our group, she's our very own 'Mary Berry' sharing with everyone samples of one of her delicious Ginger Cakes.

(41)Nutbrook Trail & Mapperley Reservoir Nutbrook Trail & Mapperley Reservoir Nutbrook Trail & Mapperley Reservoir On March 1st 2017 Steve Hargreaves led 8 Hikers group members on the Nutbrook Trail Mapperley Reservoir walk 6½ miles from Straws Bridge Car Park. We meandered along the Nutbrook Trail until we reached Derby Lodge and then set out towards Mapperley Reservoir. It was the First day of Spring '2017' and the weather was warm with bright spring sunshine breaking through the clouds and highlighting the rolling hills of South East Derbyshire. Lunch was taken at the Mapperley Reservoir Car park before continuing on and returning to Straws Bridge. End of walk refreshments were enjoyed at the Bottle Kiln 'Gift shop and Tea room' West Hallam.

(40)Vicar Water Circular walk Vicar Water Circular walk Vicar Water Circular walk On February 15th 2017 Steve Hargreaves led 13 Hikers group members on the Vicar Water Circular walk a distance of 8½ mile difficulty - Easy -. The walk began with a small detour caused by a conversation distraction which was easily rectified. The weather was overcast, dry and warm for the time of year.We had a diverse group of walkers who thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Refreshments at the end of the walk were enjoyed at the Rumbles Cafe in the Vicar Water visitor centre.

(39)Bilsthorpe Rufford Circular Bilsthorpe Rufford Circular On Feb 1st 2017 Bilsthorpe Rufford Circular Leader S Hargreaves led a group of 6 members on the walk beginning and ending @ the Copper Beech PH in Bilsthorpe Notts.
The walk began with fog and drizzle but the weather front soon passed and by the time we had our lunch stop at the Sherwood Forest Pines picnic area, as shown in the photo, the sun was breaking through.
At the end of our walk Light refreshments were enjoyed at The Copper Beech.

(38)Hikers Ransom Woods walk December 2016 Hikers Xmas Fuddle December 7th 2016
On December 7th 2016 Ransom Woods walk & Hikers Xmas Fuddle leader S Hargreaves led a group of 16 members on a short walk through Ransom Woods passing through part of the Strawberry Hill Heath Nature reserve before crossing the footbridge across the busy A617 Rainworth bypass.This was a short circular walk of approx 3 miles which began and ended outside the Forever Green Restaurant. 8 additional members joined the walking group for the annual Hikers Xmas Fuddle. A Festive 3 course meal served in convivial and festive surroundings in the Forest Cabaret suite of the Forever Green Restaurant.

(37)Grindleford Station Pack Horse Bridge InNovember 2016 on 02/11/16 Longshawe Lodge - Padley Gorge walk leader J Wooffinden led a group of 7 Hikers.
Weather on the day was dry and sunny with VG visibility. The walk began and ended at Longshawe Estate Woodcroft (NT) car park.grid ref SK 265 800.
Refreshments, at the end of the walk, were taken at the Fox House Inn very near to the Woodcroft Car Park.

(36)Halifax Bomber memorial Farnsfield Halifax Bomber memorial Farnsfield On 16/11/16 Farnsfield to Robin Hood Hill walk leader S Hargreaves led 11 group members on this walk. Weather was generally bright and dry but a bit breezy with a short sharp autumn downpour. Ground conditions were remarkably sound, reflected by the relatively dry autumn we'd had this year. Refreshments were enjoyed @ The Lion ph Farnsfield. We stopped and paid tribute to the valiant Canadian airmen who tragically lost their lives during a bombing raid on a German V2 launch site situated in Northern France. Tragically all 6 crew were killed on the return trip of their second bombing raid that day.

(35)Derwentwater Ferry to Hawes End In October 2016 on 05/10/16 Derwentwater Shoreline Walk 1 leader S Hargreaves led the walk of 5 group members. After disembarking the Derwentwater ferry at Hawes End jetty, we picked our way along the Cumbrian Way to the southern marshes of the lake. We visited the Lodore waterfall were we had our mid walk lunch break. The weather on the day was exceptionally sunny for this time of year.

(34)On 07/10/16 Walla Crag & Cat Gill Castle Head overlooking Keswick 07/10/16 leader S Hargreaves led a group of 6 group members.
Walk began and ended at the Keswick Caravan and Camping Club site, total distance 6.7 miles.
Refreshments enjoyed by all at the Hope Park cafe/restaurant. Weather was overcast for the majority of the walk with a pleasant 9 mph easterly keeping away any threat of rain. Hawes End rope swing fun October 2016

(33)On 09/10/16 Derwentwater Shoreline Walk 2 leader S Hargreaves led the walk of 7 group members. After disembarking at the Hawes End jetty David Riley & Joan Hufton couldn't resist swinging on the Tarzan rope swing. Refreshments were taken again at the Hope Park cafe.
Weather was once more perfect warm sun with the slightest of breeze at 4mph.

(32) On 10/10/16 Buttermere Shoreline walk John Devlin led a small group of Hikers on the Buttermere Shoreline walk

(31)Bradford Dale Limestone Bridge On 19/10/16 Bradford and Lathkill Dales walk leader S Hargreaves led a group of 7 hikers starting and finishing the 8 miles walk from Moor Lane Car park Youlgreave. Weather was a sunny autumnal day clear visibility and hardly any breeze. During the walk we passed a large group of members of the Sheffield U3A Geology group and their group leader offered a description of a Tufa Screen - is a variety of limestone formed when carbonate minerals precipitate out of ambient temperature water and it had formed on the face of the waterfall in Lathkill Dale.We rounded of the walk with a vigorous current affairs debate over coffees teas and beers @ the George Hotel Youlgreave

(30)Top Withins Farmhouse Bronte Bridge In September 2016 on 07/09/16 Haworth - Top Withins Circular walk leader M Thomas Led the walk of 4 group members weather was superb, we had a bacon butty stop @ Queenbery's village bakery before the walk began and ended on Cemetery Road Haworth. The panoramic views, of the West Yorks Moors surrounding Lower Laithe Reservoir as we walked along part of the Pennine Way, were the walks Highlight.The day ended with a relaxing meal at the Plug and Feathers pub in Glapwell.

(29)On 21/09/16 Steve Hargreaves led a group of Ten Hikers members on a Linear Walk along Rushup edge.View from Rushup Edge 21/09/16 We began the walk from NT Mam Tor car park ending the walk in Edale. The weather was excellent dry sunny not to hot with clear views of the rolling Derbyshire dales. We'd arranged to get Mike's Car to the Rambler Inn in Edale so that we could arrange to collect the other cars from the start point car park.There was a nominal parking fee of £5.00 which was refunded when we enjoyed light refreshments from the Bar @ the Rambler Inn. The end of our walk covered the (1.25 mile) southern section of the Pennine Way.

(28)In August 2016 on 03/08/16 Wye Valley and Monsail Trail circular walk Monsail Trail Aug 2016 led by Steve Hargreaves Led 11 members plus one new member 'Anita' (12)Chee Dale Aug 2016 in total on a challenging walk through Chee Dale Rain in the last two days had dampened the paths and caused a slip challenge. All those attending the walk overcame the challenge and successfully completed this Limestone Gorge walk crossing both sets of stepping stones on the north bank of the River Wye. Finishing the 4 hr walk with refreshments at the Blackwell Mill Tuck shop.
(27)on 17/08/16 Manifold and Dovedale Valley walk led by Steve Hargreaves. 12 Members enjoyed a dry and sunny day.The walk started and ended at Ilam Hall (NT) in the Staffordshire part of the Peak District refreshments were taken in the Manifold Tea Room at Ilam Hall.

(26)In July 2016 on 06/07/16 Calverton Circular led by John Devlin said,Calverton Walk 06/07/16 "We took this walk today, altogether there were 9 of us so not a bad turnout.No mud to speak of, instead it was badly overgrown and going up the hill to Ramsdale Head we struggled, but after that it was ok.
We parked in the Admiral Rodney and took our refreshments there at the end.
It was certainly a short walk - we were back at the Sherwood Ranger by 1400 hrs!"
(25)On 20/07/16 Groby Pool to Bradgate Park Circular 8 members enjoyed the walk.
It was one of the hottest days of the week with Temps reaching 27c and because of Bradgate Park 20th July 2016 the high temperature it was a blessing to have a low mileage walk.
This 5.2 mile walk was led by D Meer and under the prevailing weather conditions made it an enjoyable walk for us all.
We finished off the walk with a refreshment break in the coffee shop in

(24)Lincs Wolds walk Windmill In June 2016 on 01/06/16 Lincs Wolds festival Walk Sibsey 5 members set off from Twells Farm, Northlands, Sibsey, Lincs, on a 7 miles circular walk.The walk was hampered by a mixture of Heavy and Light showers. After the walk we called in for a a drink and bite to eat @ the Roman Way restaurant on the Newark ring road. During the walk we visited a Lancaster Bomber memorial site, commemorating the loss of all the crew when the plane crashed on 29th January 1943.Special permission was sought of the Farm Owner so that those attending this walk could cross his land to pay tribute to those Brave men who sacrificed their lives to Defend our Democracy & Freedom
On June 14th @
the AGM I presented a Hikers Exhibit/Display. The Video which ran on a continuous Loop during the presentation, can be viewed at the foot of this page, was Produced by Ken White. Quite a lot of general interest was generated by the Exhibition.

(23) Dethick Meadow 2016 Dethick Walk 2016 On 15/06/2016 John Clay Led the Dethick Walk and made the following comment."Had a good walk today,weather very kind to us. Everyone enjoyed the walk, finished at Lea gardens for a cup of tea.There were six of us on the walk." Mike Thomas supplied the Photographs of the meadow and the group members.

(22)In May 2016 on 04/05/16 Tansley - Lumsdale 'Circular'15 members enjoyed a walk led by John Clay starting @ The Tavern Tansley,It was a warm sunny day and the views and company made a fabulous day out. Finished off by convivial refreshments @ the Tavern
(21)on 18/05/16 Farnsfield to Robin Hood Hill was cancelled because of inclement weather, this walk will be rescheduled @ a forthcoming date.

20)In April 2016 on 06/04/16. Erewash Trail 'circular' 12 members enjoyed the walk in typical English Spring Weather Sunshine, Wind, Rain, Sleet, and Hail. The walk began from the Great Northern 'PH' @ Langley Mill Canal Basin, we joined the southern end of the Cromford Canal and proceeded along the towpath of the Erewash Canal to Potters Lock were we then headed east towards the footbridge crossing the East Midlands Trains railway line and taking lunch on benches @ Nottingham Canal. The walk ended after 4hrs with refreshments @ the Great Northern 'PH' where we began the walk.
(19)on 20/04/16 6 members of the Hikers Group completed the Carsington Water to Harborough Rocks 'Circular' walk. The weather was warm 16c a very slight breeze which made excellent conditions for walking. We all enjoyed light refreshments in yea you guessed it a pub the Carsington Miners arms to be exact. I'm thinking "Maybe we should be called the Pub Crawling Group with a Hiking Problem

(18)In March 2016 on 02/03/16.Rowsley to Calton Lees 'circular' was cancelled because of inclement weather in the peak district. The met office issued a yellow weather warning with a potential for traffic disruption and accumulations of Snow.
(17)on 16/03/16. Rowthorne - Ault Hucknall -Hardwick Hall ‘Circular’ Walk: Leader Anne Bister, Anne Led 18 members on a circular walk around Hardwick Estate. The weather was dry and sunny with a cool breeze. This was Anne's first walk as leader of the Hikers Group and she showed us all what a great organiser she is. First of all she organised a great day of sunny weather, A lovely lunch break by the tranquil ponds half way round and free parking at the Rowthorne Trail Car Park, well done!!. We enjoyed a refreshment break at The Young Vanish Inn everyone thanked Anne for the time and effort she'd put into the walk.

(16)In February 2016 on the 03/02/16. 10 members enjoyed a beautiful circular walk around Ogston Reservoir & local villages, starting and finishing at the White Horse PH -Woolley Moor-. Highlights from the walk were definitely the views of the reservoir, a crisp winter walk on a bright dry sunlit day. A very good humoured day out with many of our Hikers Group friends. Refreshments beside a log burning stove inside a warm and friendly pub rounded off a great day. on 17/02/16 Calverton 'circular' cancelled because of inclement weather.

In January 2016. The whole month was classified as a winter break.

(15)In December 2015 on the 02/12/15 18 members took part in the planned " Italian Tinsel " event - it took place in the City of Nottingham and began with a guided tour of the City Of Caves. We visited a few of the 80+ underground caves of Nottingham which told of the medieval history of these underground Sandstones dwellings and their Tannery Industrial heritage. The tour was capped off by a three course Italian Christmas meal @ Bella Italia's restaurant Corner House Nottm. It was a pleasant and enjoyable day spent in the company of our 'Hiker' friends.
(14)16/12/15 16 members from the Hikers group made the Portland Circular walk. The weather on the day was extremely mild with good visibility and temperatures in the mid teens centigrade. At the end of the walk we took light refreshments Mince pies + Teas or Coffees etc. @ Portland Youth Centre Café.

(13)In November 2015 on the 4/11/15 the planned walk Manifold&Dovedale Valleys from Ilam was replaced because of Fog by the 'Circular' walk Bilsthorpe Rufford 4 members from the Hikers group made the walk. The walk lasted 4hrs. with Refreshments @ the Copper Beech Public House,
(paid for by Steve once the infestation of wallet moths disappeared) :-)
(12) 18/11/15 the Longshaw - Padley Gorge walk was cancelled because of high winds caused by Storm Barney. High winds of 40-80 mph and Weather conditions prevented an alternative walk.

(11)In October 2015 on the 7/10/15 the planned walk Wye Valley Monsail trail was cancelled because of poor visibility and Heavy rain. Instead 3 group members plus myself walked the Linby, Newstead Abbey,Papplewick walk which was the "Inaugural Hikers walk" from December 2014. The walk was at a brisk pace stopping for refreshments at the Newstead Abbey Café. I couldn't schedule a walk on 21/10/15 because the 3 Hikers Group Leader's had prior engagements.

(10)In September 2015 on the 2/9/15 I led a group of 6 members from the Village of Hope to the Win Hill trig point the walk took 3 hours ending with Tea and Coffee @ the Cheshire Cheese Inn. Highlights - the beautiful views across to Man Tor,Kinder Scout, Heather and also the stunning backdrop of Ladybower Reservoir. "Retracing youthful pathways, Overcoming the Challenge of the Ascent, not seeing much of the Old Roman Road :-), were some of the walkers comments on the day. "A lovely walk shared with great friends was for me the Highlight"

(9). on (16/9/15 John Clay took 8 members on the Ashford in the Water walk. The weather was better than expected and the walk was enjoyed by all.

(8)In August 2015 on the 5/8/15 I led a group of 8 members from High Peak Junction to Black Rocks 'circular'.The walk took 3 1/2 hrs. Highlights - the climb up to Bolehill trig point and descent to Black Rocks; eventually returning to High Peak Junction Visitor Centre for Ice creams after descending the High Peak Trail. On 19/08/15 8 group members met for the Nine Ladies Walk. Highlights - the drive across Morley Moor to Rowsley and the vivid Heather display on the moor, the gradual incline from Rowsley to the site of the Nine Ladies stone circle, and a refreshing drink at Masarella's restaurant in the Peak Village shopping Centre.

(7)In July 2015 on the hottest day of the year (2015) 'so far' 1st July - John Clay led a walk from High Peak junction he was encouraged by 8 members joining him for the walk.
On 15th July Michael Thomas was walk leader for the Chatsworth House 'Circular' walk. Points of interest Wellington's Monument, Old Chesterfield Road, Birchen Edge and Dobb Edge. Cold drinks and Ice cream @ the Stables rounded off a great day out :-)

(6)In June 2015, which was an exceptionally warm time, John Devlin led a group of members around the Elksley Circular walk with a nice lunch break location at the footbridge over the river Poulter.
(5) On June 30th I enjoyed a walk with Skegness U3A a circular walk starting from Alford, Group leader of the Skegness U3A Walking Group David Rigg and I discussed a possible Skegness U3A / Ravenshead U3A Link up for the Linc's Wolds walking event for the spring of 2016.

(4)In May 2015 there was only one walk (weather dictated the postponement of the second walk).Alfreton Park The Blue Bells' which were on vivid display on the walk led by John Clay starting from Alfreton Park.

In April 2015 by agreement with John Clay and John Devlin and also the support of our members I've increased the number of walks from 1/month to 2/month aiming for the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each calender month. A full list of forthcoming walks/events is available to view on the Hikers web page.

In March 2015 I was in hospital and the walk I'd scheduled for that month had to be cancelled, I am pleased to say that during April 2015 John Devlin and John Clay agreed to support me and our group by accepting the roles of Group Leaders. Their support has proved invaluable and has meant we haven't had to cancel any more walks in fact we now have the scope to add more walks.

(3)Hikers visit roughneck memorial In February 2015 We walked the Eakring 'Circular' walk; Highlights The Pulpit and the Oil Museum with photographs of the group taken at both locations.

(2) Portland Winter Walk Jan 2015 In January 2015 On a very snowy day we walked a 'Circular walk beginning and ending at Portland College some members cut the walk short because of the near blizzard conditions. Highlights; all went well and at the end of the walk half the group relaxed in the Leisure Centre Cafe with Coffee's and Teas.

(1)Top Cross Linby On December 17th 2014
Our Inaugural Walk began @ 10 am Weds 17th Dec 2014 starting at Linby Top Cross
the whole walk including breaks took 3 1/2 hrs.
This circular walk started from Linby
, a conservation village and uses part of the dismantled
Great Northern Railway line to get to Newstead Abbey, the ruins of an Augustinian Priory
built by Henry II in 1170. The return to Linby was through Abbey woods and Papplewick
From the Top Cross in Linby village we walked up the hill to the traffic island turned right
onto the path signed Linby Trail and National Cycle Network. This is along a railway cutting
which follows the route of the Great Northern Railway. Here we walked alongside
ponds associated with the railway lines. At one point on the left some of the present day railway line
called the Robin Hood line which runs into Nottingham can be viewed.
This straight path continued for some time until we saw carved on a sign post a Pickaxe, Hammer and Shovel
directing us into Freckland Wood. The path climbed
gradually through Freckland Wood to reach the site of the 3 sculptures of the Pickaxe, Hammer and Shovel marking the site of
the ‘Hikers First Pit Stop’

(see group photo).Hikers Group take a pit stop These 3 monuments mark the location of what
was the now closed Newstead Colliery, opened in 1874 closed March 19th1987. The path
descends from the woods and emerges at the entrance to Newstead Abbey estate.
Once at the Abbey we stopped for a bite to eat and a
comfort break, we sat and rested whilst
overlooking the ‘bottom lake’ inside the grounds of the Abbey,
there was a slight chilling breeze but the views and the company more than compensated for that.
Continuing on from the Abbey we passed the Cricket Field to turn right onto the ‘Robin
Hood Way’
leading us to Papplewick Village passing down the side of
St James Church to
join the footpath over the Leen River emerging onto B6011 the road into Linby Village
Some of the group enjoyed a welcome break at the Horse and Groom public house and
from the many conversations we had I’m confident the Hikers group will grow from strength to
strength. The ‘3 John’s’
in our group nominated themselves as walk guides for the months of
April, September and November everyone is enthusiastic and looking forward to whatever
the ‘John's' have in store for us.

To our Hikers I’d Like to say

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support


In November 2014 membership details were being accumulated and by the Inaugural walk we had over 24 members.

The Beginning:- The Ravenshead U3A Hikers Group was formed by Steve Hargreaves in October 2014. Our Inaugural walk took place on Dec 17th 2014 taking a route from Linby to Newstead Abbey and returning to the village of Linby via Papplewick Village 13 members attended the walk. The aim of the Group is to get out into the Notts/Derbys Countryside, challenging ourselves to moderately difficult walks of between 5 miles and 8 miles. Our first winter season of December 2014 - February 2015 saw the group walk along large parts of the Robin Hood Way including Blidwoth, Eakring and Newstead.

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