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Site content
The Ravenshead U3A web Site has grown considerably since inception.
This site map will help you find your way around our site.
Ravenshead U3A, uses the U3A site builder software which is structured to meet the needs of a local U3A. It requires no knowledge of programme coding and allows group leaders and others, to edit their own section of the web site directly.

The main headings at the top of the page are;

Home Page
This is the first page showing a collage of recent U3A Activities.

Welcome Page
A welcome introduction to Ravenshead U3A.
An on-line new Membership application form
Please date any membership cheques after 1st January of the forthcoming year.
A notice board (to the right of the screen)which includes
Links to various regional and national U3A resources.

Month Report
Displays the report from the chair on the procedures of the last monthly general meeting and topical items of news within our U3A.

Provides notices of annual meetings and financial accounts

Groups page
An indexed list of Groups

A typical group page gives information about the group and a secure email link to the Group leader, which is available by clicking on the Leaders name.
This is self explanatory, however click on Blue Bird if you need a demonstration of this facility.

Side bars link to group activity photos and group sub pages.
Typical examples include;
Descriptions of local walks from Thursday walking and Hikers pages
Guides on how to use computers, Ipads and tablets, from the Computing page.

Events Page
A diary of those future group activities, which vary from week to week. Can be viewed in activity group order, OR in date order. Click on the tab at the top of the page. This is a useful page to see "what's on". Entries are automatically deleted in real time on the day after the event. links from this page are available to email individuals or view external sites displaying information regarding visits etc.

Entries in the events page are also automatically displayed as dates for your dairy in the associated individual group activity page.

This heading describes Trips and activities which are general events intended for all members of Our U3A.

This is an automatically generated store of photographs that have been displayed of various Ravenshead U3A activities.

This page gives names of committee members, details of operational policy of the Ravenshead U3A Group, and our constitution.

Contact us
Lists committee members details, and a secure email contact via a Blue bird on that page.
Alternatively highlighted in line names, provide a secure email link, to the named person.

A store for past issues of the U3A Magazine and other significant non-committee documents. A sub page will contain documents of administration records.

Notts. Network
Provides information on collaborative events across Nottinghamshire U3A's

Access to the National and regional U3A sites and a wide range resources, available only to U3A members.