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Group LeaderTerry Moore & Judith Moore Phone: 01623 797529
Meets 1st Wednesday 2-4pm in the Brammer Room of the Village Hall
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October Meeting - Wednesday 2nd October 2019 2.00 p.m. Brammer Room.

Email to members following September PFF! Meeting

There were nineteen members who attended the September meeting of Photography for Fun on Wednesday. We began with looking at three members’ “One Photo To Talk About” then we went on to look at the photos taken for the “Close Up Quiz” which will be shown at the September members’ monthly meeting. Some were very difficult to guess! I may have to shorten this as we have only 10 minutes!

Mansfield Photoshoot: We also looked at the photos that had been taken by members who attended the Mansfield photoshoot in August. There was a wide variety, with members photographing things that others did not see! Some mention was made of improvements by using an editor and this was demonstrated later using Photoshop Elements. This is a paid-for programme. (Note that there is a free app for phones called Photoshop Express that has similar but limited features.) Windows 10 and Apple machines also have a free app built into the computer that works in a similar but more basic way. Most photos benefit by being edited in some way and it can be time-consuming but also fun!

Another fun aspect was demonstrated using the Windows 10 video editor which is part of the Photos app. Photos can be arranged in whatever order and adjusted in a whole variety of ways to make an mp4 video which will play on any device. Apple machines have a similar application to produce videos called “iMovie”

A task for members was set for next month’s meeting in October to produce a ONE MINUTE maximum video file of any photos of their choice, using whatever features are available in the program they are using. The photos used can be based on a theme such My Garden, Family etc and can be taken for this project particularly or older photos can be used or any combination.
This video link shows a basic guide but there are lots more available to see on Youtube :
Similar help guides will be available for Apple /IOS machines for iMovie
(For older machines Windows Movie Maker might be on your machines already and you can use that or any similar free program. Some are also available as an online program.)
Apps are also available for use on a phone but I haven’t any experience of using those.

Running out of time we missed out a video on the Exposure Triangle and will delve into that in a future meeting.

We discussed TEN MINUTE TALKS: Starting in October, volunteer members will give their own ten-minute talk on a photography related topic of their choice. David, John, and Judith have something prepared for next month but we encourage you all to have a go in the future. Start working on it!

Photoshoots: We discussed the possibility of getting out as a group again to take photos and lots of ideas were suggested. If you have an idea, please think about planning it from a photographic perspective for the group, send us an email and we can report back at the next meeting.

Themes: We decided for the November meeting that we would take photos on a shared theme of Seasonal / Autumn. Start taking photos before then and send your best three ready for the November meeting. A photoshoot before then might give us some opportunities too,

NOTICE: We have a professional Wildlife photographer speaker, Jack Perks, coming to the February general monthly meeting and it should be a good interesting talk.

The last part of the meeting was kept for a help and advice session between members once the main agenda was completed. It was good to see people sharing their ideas and experience.
Thanks to everyone who arrived early and/or stayed behind to help with setting up and packing away.

September Meeting - Wednesday 4th September 2019 2.00 p.m. Brammer Room.

August 2019 Update email
Thanks to all those who turned up in Mansfield today for our first ‘photoshoot’. The weather was good, after all, and sixteen and a half (ask Maureen) people turned out with another joining later.

I think most people enjoyed the walk around Mansfield and managed to spot a variety of things to take pictures of. It also gave us various opportunities to chat with each other, sometimes even about the photos! We talked a little about some techniques and hopefully have gained from the experience of going out as a group.

For those concerned, I would like you to send to me up to 5 of your best photos, preferably from a variety of spots around the walk. I’ll then be able to show some of these at the next meeting and maybe even incorporate them into a slide show. You can edit them, or not, as you think. I would also be interested to know if some photos didn’t work out. Maybe send one of those too before you delete it! Can you tell us why it went wrong, or maybe the group can help!

Also, another reminder to send me your ‘close up quiz’ shots as soon as you have them. You can submit a few. It doesn’t have to be just one! Just an everyday object that people will recognise from a normal view, but will find it tricky when taken closer up or at an unusual angle.

As the next meeting is on Wed. 4th September (in the Brammer Room) please send all the above as soon as you can but by the week before the meeting (28th August) at the latest, so I have time to sort them out. If you are struggling to send photos to me for any reason let me know and I’ll try and help.

If you couldn’t make the Mansfield walk, then do please still come along in September. We still must hear from a number of people with their “ONE PHOTO TO TALK ABOUT”, and maybe we will have a look at a few quiz photos too. We will also be making plans for the next few meetings.

On that note, I would like to get more input from some of you. Can you come up with “A TEN-MINUTE TALK” for the group? This can be anything that is photography related, be it a hobby where you use a camera or something more technical to explain to us perhaps. It really is up to you! You would be able to use the projector of course for display purposes. It needn’t be your just your own photos if you want to make it a bit of a study and include some images from the internet. If we don’t publish anything, copyright shouldn’t be an issue.

If you think you would like to start this off in October, let me know.

I think that is enough information!



Terry and Judith


We will try and finish the business of the meeting by 3.30 p.m. allowing a few people to get away on grandparent duties etc. The rest of us can stay till 4.00 to have a chat about things generally or check on camera settings and the like. ( Bring your camera and a handbook is useful!)

July 2019 email message to members:
We had our first ‘proper meeting’ at the Brammer Room on Wednesday 3rd July at 2.00 p.m. Nineteen of us attended, with some others unable to attend due to holidays etc. Particularly for those people and as a reminder to the rest of us, this email sets out a summary of what we did, and what we planned for.

We started by collecting the subs required to pay for the room! £5 from each person will keep us going for a year and maybe will give us a bit extra for any other costs if needed.


We then looked at the results of the ‘brainstorm’ we had at our initial meeting. Judith went through the various sections which will help us focus on what we might include in future meetings. Hopefully, some of the more experienced members might be able to help tackle some of these.’ Composition’ of photos was one, which we then addressed later in the meeting.

One Photo To Talk About:

Some members had the opportunity to then talk about a photo they had sent or brought in. There were some interesting stories behind of these and some good photos. We will include this again next time we meet so that those who didn’t get the opportunity can do this. We also discovered that bringing a photo on a MAC formatted USB stick wasn’t compatible with my windows 10 machine. In this case, in future, please email me any photos you have.

Top Tips:

This section looked at how to improve the composition of your photos. We watched a video which was very informative and included things like the Rule of Thirds. For those not present or those wanting to watch it again, I have included a link at the bottom of this email.

September Project:

For the RU3A Groups Showcase at the September general meeting this year, we discussed including a quiz involving your photographs. This will take the form of a ‘close up quiz’ which will require two shots of an everyday item that most people would recognise. However, the first shot should be at an unusual angle or close up section of the item and the second shot should be a ‘normal’ view of the object. You can have a go at as many as you like but send me your best by the end of August so that I can select which ones to include. Judith and I showed a couple of our attempts such a USB stick and a shopping trolley!

Basic Editing:

Related to the above, we looked at various ways of editing photos. Particularly useful for the above project will be the cropping tool. (However, don’t crop in too close otherwise the image will be very small and ‘blocky’).

We looked briefly at Photoshop Elements, which works on both MAC and Windows machines, and is probably the most common photo editor out there with lots of support. (Latest version is currently £70 and probably worth the investment if you go on to take things to the next level.)

The Smartphone app Photoshop Express is a cut down version of this and costs nothing!

Windows 10 has its own free editor (called PHOTOS) and works well for basic editing. We showed how cropping worked in this. Members said that MAC computers have something similar.

Shot of The Month:

Members were told to think about sending in a ‘shot of the month’ to be displayed to members at a future meeting. This can be an ongoing section of a meeting so keep it in mind!

Individual Projects:

Members were asked to consider deciding on a Theme for an individual Project. One member had decided on Patterns but there are lots of others. Hopefully, by July of next year, you will all have several photos in a themed collection which might form the basis of the next Groups showcase in 2020! Here is a list of 328 for you to consider:



We reminded members that we are not meeting next month in the Brammer Room as the Village Hall is being refurbished in August. Instead, we are going on our first ‘photoshoot’ to Mansfield!

Meet in the centre of Mansfield Market place by 10.30 a.m. on Wednesday 7th August. Bring smartphones AND camera to try out various things. Those with similar equipment might be able to help each other with techniques, settings and control of the equipment. We assume that we will meet whatever the weather! We can maybe have coffee somewhere and people can be free to leave whenever they need to.

Afterwards, you can send me your ‘best three’ shots for us to look at in a future meeting. (You might want to edit them first!) We could make these into a slideshow presentation entitled ‘A Walk Round Mansfield’.

Following that the next meeting will be on September 4th at 2.00 p.m. in the Brammer Room.

Anyone willing to get there a bit early can help with any setting up required. We will also try and finish the meeting by around 3.30p.m. which will give more time for questions and members to discuss issues with each other and seek advice.


Terry and Judith

Link to shared folder for the Video and example of close up quiz shot:
PFF! Shared Folder (https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqG4pyPlwAz6iugXhTZa-CmVf8g8NA?e=6mPdVn)

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