Radlett & District


As from the March monthly meeting 2018 I have taken on the position of Branch Almoner. This has unfortunately not worked too well in the past. I feel that I can make it work but it will need members co-operation.

The idea is that I hear about anyone who is unwell, in hospital, suffering a bereavement or anything else along those lines. I feel that a card or phone call in those circumstances can be comforting. It is also available if anyone is not driving and would like a lift to the meeting, which I can try and organise for you. Our members are important to us, so let us care about them.

I cannot do it unless you keep me informed and I will then do my best. You can contact me via the carrier pigeon, phone me on 01923 855188 or by email to ade@noisydogs.com.

Please help me to help.

Adrienne Cohen

Please always check that the person concerned is happy for you to pass on personal information.