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Please remember to use our own website address radlettu3a.org.uk to access this site as there we can more easily pass information to you if there are any problems.

A local charity offering daily activities and support to learning disabled adults in Hertsmere. Our mission is to transform the lives of hundreds of people in our community, by leading them out of isolation.

We rely on the wonderful support of volunteers to help run our daily activites and we are very keen to increase our pool of volunteers. Would any u3a members like to volunteer with us?

Our activities run every morning from 10-1130 in a hall in Borehamwood and we run Arts and Crafts, Drama, Dance Aerobics and a drop in "Coffee Morning".

Karen Snyder hdcomm@hertsmeremencap.org.uk 07938 722619

presents their spring plant sale on Saturday 7 May 2022 2.00pm at the Vision Hall, Christchurch, Watling Street, Radlett

In addition to plants donated by members, there will be a selection of bedding plants for sale. For anyone within the Parish unable to carry their purchases home, a delivery service is available for a £2.00 charge. Payment by most debit/credit cards accepted.

The plant sale is open to all (entry 20p) and you can join the Society at the sale.

National u3a Newsletter

The monthly National u3a newsletter is available from here u3a Newsletter you can also sign-up on that page to have it sent to you by eMail.

Hertfordshire Citizens Academy
A new course on protecting the vulnerable has been added to this on line training site. It's called Hertfordshire Citizens Academy and is hosted at www.hertscitizensacademy.org. Users are able to take short, user-friendly courses covering subjects such as personal safety, cybercrime and fraud, theft and burglary, which are rounded off with short quizzes. Nathan Davies, Policy Officer, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

New Membership
New membership is restricted to residents of the parishes of Aldenham, Shenley and Ridge. This covers Aldenham, Patchetts Green, Letchmore Heath, Radlett, Ridge, and Shenley. In addition, the spouses of existing members may apply to join. The Executive Committee regrets having to make this decision which is due to the limitations of the capacity of the Hall and Car Park used for our monthly meetings.

u3a Free Legal Helpline Update
The 24 hour legal helpline National u3a Third Age Trust is provided by Arc Legal Assistance in partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors Telephone number 0344 770 1040 Quote - U3A Legal Helpline

Protect email addresses, use Bcc
You wouldn’t give out someone’s phone number without asking their permission, so please don’t do it with email addresses. Every time you send an email to a group of people using the ‘To’ box instead of the ‘Bcc’ box, you are risking unwanted emails being sent to your contacts. This is especially important for group leaders to remember. You will find a link on the right that explains how to do it in various types of email. The Bcc option may be below the "To" option, it may be on the right hand side of the same box as "To" or you may have to go into one of the menus to add it.

Station Book Shelves - Books needed
Are you aware that Thameslink Radlett, Borehamwood and Elstree and St Albans now have book shelves on the train platforms with free books on them for passengers to take along with them on the journey ? This very worthwhile initiative promotes literacy and of course provides relief from boredom on a journey. If you are able to donate any good quality fiction books, please bring them to the monthly meeting for collection by Ameeta Sabharwal.

Safety at Cash Points
Please be aware when using any ATM machine, that if there are people hanging around or people claiming to be engineers working on the ATM, please walk away. They are not engineers, they will have put a device known as a skimmer onto the ATM, which will take your card and retain it. They will watch you insert your PIN number. When you cannot retrieve your card and go to report it to the Manager, they will remove both the device and your card and disappear to the nearest appropriate branch to empty your account. This has happened 21st January at Morrisons in Borehamwood, please be warned. Neighbourhood Watch

DIY Genius
Find a link to this useful site on our courses page. It is a compilation of 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learners, listing some of the most useful self-education resources online. You will find online courses and tools to master new skills, learn languages, find classic books, broaden your mind and interact with other lifelong learners. It includes details of Lectures and Video Learning Websites and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

As well as our own Walking Groups, many of our members enjoy the Hertfordshire Health Walks. There is a link on the right to their website. A wide range of walks of different lengths and intensity are included across the county, as well as the weekly walk on Friday mornings at 10:30 from St Johns, Aldenham Parish Church, Church Lane WD25 8BD.

Group Administrators
Many groups need someone to look after the general running and admin tasks. The person that leads or tutors the session should not also need to arrange the venue, make the tea and collect money. These roles can be done by others. If you are already taking part in a group, think about what you could offer by way of support. If you have admin skills and would be happy to help a new group leader find a venue, email members, look after finance or any other admin tasks, please contact the study groups coordinator via the contacts page.

World u3a
We now have a page on Myu3a, which is part of World u3a. Please click on the link on the right to see our entry.

World u3a encourages international understanding and contacts for all active retired people everywhere. It does this through its Internet activity rather than through a traditional organisation structure. It has no membership and is a totally free service.

u3a Walking Guides
Published by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and created by u3a members.
Town and Country - A self-guided walk around Settle in North Yorkshire and Working Wilderness - A self-guided walk on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. £3.75 each including P&P to obtain copies contact: www.u3a.org.uk or telephone 020 8466 6139

Third Age Matters magazine
Only one copy of this is sent to each address. If you, or someone else at your address, already receive a copy as a member of another u3a you will not receive a second copy.

Radlett and District u3a is a registered charity No 1156262