Radlett & District


The RUG (Really Useful Group) takes some of the work off the committee’s shoulders, for which we are very grateful.

Coordinator: - Marion Krieger until AGM 2021 - Stephen Summers from AGM 2021

The help at the monthly meetings with booking in, welcoming new members and showing them around as well as assisting people with using the lift when necessary, supplying the events team with much needed refreshments and many other tasks have given our meetings a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Thank you all.

We would still like other offers of help, so whatever your skills from tea to IT, please let us know what you could do and how much time you can offer. It doesn't have to be at the monthly meeting. There are many tasks during the month. Some group leaders may value help with presentations, there are tasks such as photocopying. Those with experience of publishing and journalism would be welcome to help in the production of the Newsletter. The events group welcome ideas and expertise in planning trips. The list is endless.

Group Administrators Many groups need someone to look after the general running and admin tasks. The person that leads or tutors the session should not also need to arrange the venue, make the tea and collect money. These roles can be done by others. If you are already taking part in a group, think about what you could offer by way of support. If you have admin skills and would be happy to help a new group leader find a venue, email members, look after finance or any other admin tasks, please contact the study groups coordinator via the carrier pigeon.

Meetings of this RUG group will be held bi-monthly. The meetings are intended to offer support, to the members of the RUG and to hear your ideas.
If you wish to attend these meetings, or offer your services to the RUG, please contact the Co-ordinator via the carrier pigeon or in person at a monthly meeting. To send an email, please click on the carrier pigeon, which is usually on the top right of the page. If you are using an iPad, tablet or phone to read this, it may be at the very bottom of the page.