Radlett & District

How you and login and use a lounge

Use the link that you will have been sent either from the Bridge email account or your host.
The link will take you to the RealBridge login screen where you enter your name and can check that your camera and mic are working. Please ensure that you enter your full name correctly so that we can correlate the bookings with your play.

You can leave the ID field blank.

After you click on login you are taken to the lobby. If your host or other players in your group are sat at a table please join them. Note you may need to scroll down the tables to find them.

If you are the first person to arrive please find an empty and unused table. You can tell if a table is unused as it will say 1.0 below the table number. Make sure you don't join a table that says "R1" or something like "17.0" as those tables have already been used. If you do sit at such a table the board number will not be "1" or you may just see the scoresheet from the previous players.

Join the table by clicking on Sit X where X=N, S, E or W. You will see your first hand is already dealt. Once all of your group are sat at a table you can start to play and can play up to 32 boards. You can take a break at any time and return to the table to play further boards as long as that lounge is open. You will only be charged once for that table.

Note if you are playing in the same house as someone else at the table you should make sure you are in different rooms otherwise you can suffer feedback on your sound.

Please note there is no director support when you are playing if you run into insurmountable problems you will need to abandon the session but please let me know what the problems were so I can try to avoid them happening in the future.