Radlett & District

How to request as session

To request a session to play in a Radlett U3A RealBridge lounge please click on the carrier pigeon on this page or email bridge@radlettU3a.org.uk with the day/date you want to play

The normal schedule for lounges is:

Friday 00:00Sunday 24:00
Sunday 00:00Tuesday 24:00
Wednesday 00:00Friday 24:00

Remember the cards are the same at all the tables in one lounge so if you want to play with one pair of opponents on a Saturday and a different pair of opponents on a Sunday you will need the links for two lounges, e.g. the Friday to Sunday one and the Sunday to Tuesday one.

If you find you need an extra lounge with a different time period then please let us know and we will try to accommodate you if we can.

Please make sure you send in your request at least two full days before you want to play the session, e.g. if you want to play on Saturday your request should be sent no later than midnight on Wednesday.

Before the day you want to play you will receive an email with the link to the lounge for that day. You should send this link (with the other access and play instructions if necessary) to the other people you are going to play with.

The lounge will be open as a minimum for the times shown in the above table. It may be open for a bit before or a bit after this period as well. If you try to join a lounge that is not open you will get an error message.

You will be the host for the session and it is you that will be invoiced the £2 for the play in that session. If you don’t play in a requested session you will not be charged but please avoid doing this if you can.

Please go to the “How you and your table login to a lounge” page for instructions when you want to start play