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Click for schedule of Radlett & District u3a Zoom Group meetings. If you wish to attend any of these meetings, please contact the Group Leader via the Carrier Pigeon on the Group page.

This is the page for the blogs provided by our members during the current Coronavirus situation

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Newsletter June 2021
Newsletter May 2021
Blog 42 15th April 2021 Blog 41 01st April 2021

Links for "In the Style of Desert Island Discs by Stephen Gold" *Brian Lipman*

Please, please follow the Zoom etiquette rules below:

• Use ‘Speaker view’ if the speaker is performing an act to get the best experience.
• Use ‘Gallery view’ to see the other participants in meetings without a speaker.
• Please do not eat if either your Zoom video or microphone is on as it's somewhat unpleasant for other participants to look at or hear !
• Please turn your video off when you’re asked to otherwise the host has to turn it off and you won’t then be able to turn it back on again for that meeting.
• Please mute if you're not talking as phones can ring, dogs bark, partners talk – and it all gets heard by everyone else !
• Please do not join more than 5 minutes before any meeting starts as it can disrupt the previous meeting.
• For presenters - Don't download from Youtube and display on zoom at same time - it does cause issues with bandwidth and can downgrade the participants experience
• Be polite ! Do not talk when someone else is talking.
• Turn off any streaming device connected to the Internet as it could reduce your bandwidth for the Zoom meeting and cause you not to enjoy it !
• The standard Zoom screen share frame rate is 30 frames per second. If your participants are getting 'jumpy' video, amend your Zoom app 'share screen' advanced setting of 'limit your screen share' to say 15 frames second to improve the video quality.
• Use the 'chat' facility to ask questions or request to speak
• Use first name and surname as your Zoom identity to ensure others know you are. iPad or Ruth is not helpful ! Help is available here --> Change Zoom ID
• Check what's behind you. Don’t be the person with the TV on pause and a half-empty bottle of red wine that can be seen by all participants !

How to use Zoom Teleconferencing guides are at the right hand side of this page. Please email webmaster@radlettu3a.org.uk if you would like to schedule a meeting or need help with Zoom