Preston Park



Brenda Cameron;01273 507431, 07890 018902; Click to email Brenda Cameron

supported by

Barry Edmends; 01273 565666, 07708 877758; Click to email Barry Edmends
Peter Tarshis; 01273 623805, 07523 726818; Click to email Peter Tarshis

Notifications: The walk details will be emailed to Strollers regularly with reminders where necessary.

Start Time: 10.30. Members usually arrive 15 to 30 minutes before setting off.

Meeting Point: If you have difficulty locating this on the day, please contact the walk leader by mobile.

The Weather: If poor, every effort will be made to send out an email cancelling the walk by 9.00am at the latest. If you are still in doubt, contact the relevant walk or group leader.

Changes: If the walk changes you will be emailed. On the day, route changes may occur.

Walk Cost: The standard U3A charge of 50p applies