Preston Park

Further Information on Joining a Group

The membership of our u3a has grown considerably and we constantly strive to start up new Interest Groups. We have an abundance of expertise among our Members. Please consider sharing old skills and interests to help us establish a new or additional Group. Experienced Group Leaders are happy to share their expertise and offer advice. Please don't be shy, speak to any member of the Committee and we can alleviate any concerns you may have.

About u3a Interest Groups

Preston Park u3a Interest Groups are for Preston Park u3a Members only.
Non-members may only join a Group or sign up to join a Group when their membership application and payment has been received and processed - see the CONTACT page for how to contact the Membership Secretary, or click this link for more information ABOUT Preston Park u3a.

Preston Park u3a Groups have a standard charge of 50p to cover minor costs. If it is necessary to hire a facility, or when other expenses such as photocopying are incurred, costs are shared between members of the Group.

Each Group has one or more Group Leaders who are volunteers from our membership. They are not necessarily experts on the subject or activity, but take general responsibility for the Group.

If a Member is unable to attend a group meeting the Group Leader should be informed. If a Member misses 2 consecutive meetings without prior explanation or subsequent apology, the Group Leader may, after making enquiries, assume that the Member has left the Group.

If you are interested in joining a Group please contact the Group Leader. If the Group is full your name will be added to the waiting list on our Beacon computer system. If there are a number of other Members waiting, the Interest Groups Co-Ordinator will endeavour to start an additional group.

Once you have joined a group, please keep in contact with your Group Leader(s) as meeting venues and times sometimes change at short notice. Please notify your Group Leader if your contact information changes.

If your Group incurs an authorised expense a claim for reimbursement may be submitted to the treasurer on the relevant form and accompanied by matching documentation.

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