Preston & District

Website Help & Information

This sub page contains help information about the web site.

From this page you can download web site help files. You will need the username and password you have been given. If you do not know them, they are in the Group Leader’s Handbook, top of the “Contents” page. They have also been sent out in the “Weekly News” emails. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR GROUP LEADER'S WEB PAGE LOGON DETAILS

The group leader’s website help files have been amended to explain how to create inline email links to members of a group (page 4). This will overcome the problem of only being able to have one Blue Bird Link per page.

If you are having problems uploading or downloading word files, click on the link "New File Upload Requirements" on the right for help. 13/04/2018

Help is also available via the Welcome to the U3A Site Builder page, click on the link for “Find out more” to open further help. Then click the link for – “Complete Index” to open up links to “Site Builder Help files and related documentation.”

If you are a group leader and need to change your web page password this can only be done via the website administrator. Please email stating the name of the group, your new password and if you know it your old password.