Preston & District

24th October 2019 meeting


Illustrators included in Wendy’s talk were –
HARRY CLARKE (1889-1931) Irish stain glass and book illustrator. Irish Arts and Craft movement. Was the son of a church decorator and known for his dark subjects. Illustrated the book Faust by Goethe, as well as works of Hans Christian Andersen. His stained glass works include The Geneva Window, (Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, Florida.
WALTER CRANE (1845-1915) One of the most prolific children’s book illustrators of his generation. His masterpiece is Spencer’s Faerie Queen in 6 volumes.
GEORGE CRUIKSHANK (1792-1878) British caricaturist and book illustrator (called the modern Hogarth). Famous for his illustrations of Charles Dickens books. Caricaturist for Punch Magazine, and illustrator of the Brother’s Grimm Fairytales in England.
WARWICK GOBLE (1862-1942) Illustrator of children’s books and contributed to many gazettes. Became resident book illustrator for McMillan publishers in 1909.
FRANK C. PAPE (1878-1972) Illustrated for the children’s newspaper column Uncle Ray’s Corner. In later life designed some dust jackets for Dennis Wheatley novels.
ARTHUR RACKHAM (1867-1939) Influenced by Albrecht Durer and the Japanese artist, Hokusai.
CHARLES ROBINSON (1870-1937) Illustrated Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairytales, and works by Oscar Wilde, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Lewis Carroll.
THOMAS HEATH ROBINSON (1869-1954) From a family of illustrators. Illustrated Cranford by Mrs.Gaskell, Hans Christian Andersen’s Holgar the Dane, and A Child’s Book of Saints.
WILLIAM HEATH ROBINSON (1872-1944) Usually known as Heath Robinson, and brother of Thomas. Famous for his inventions, influencing Wallace and Gromit, and illustrations for Rudyard Kipling’s poem, A Song of the English; and John Milton’s Garden of Paradise.
HARRY ROUNTREE (1878-1950) Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, moved to UK. Died in poverty in St .Ives, Cornwall. Known most famously for his Golf Courses of the British Isles illustrations.
SIR JOHN TENNIEL (1820-1914) A political cartoonist with Punch magazine. Lewis Carroll liked his dark style and Tenniel illustrated Alice Through the Looking Glass for him.
H.R. MILLAR (1869-1942) Best remembered for E. Nesbit’s magical fantasy books, although he illustrated for Punch, The Strand magazine and many other authors.