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Massive Open On-line Courses

MOOC stands for Massive Open On-line Course. These are courses on a wide range of subjects that are available for students around the world, providing they have access to the Internet. There is now quite a large number of organisations that provide such courses, some of which are commercial and charge fees, whilst others are not-for-profit and offer lower cost or even free courses. Most courses require registration (even free ones), but some don't even require that. In general, there are no significant age restrictions.

The U3A has prepared a small website explaining more about MOOCs and providing some links other U3As that have investigated MOOCs and to various external sources. Of course, plenty of additional information can also be obtained by using a standard search engine such as Google. You can access the U3A 'Advice On Using MOOCs' website via the link below or in the sidebar. Since these links will take you away from the Prestatyn, Rhyl & District U3A website, you may wish to right click on the link and then choose to open in a new window or tab from the drop-down context menu.

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