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In a normal year the renewal process would start shortly in June with the forms being included in the newsletter. As we are all experiencing, this so far, has been anything but a normal year.
Accordingly the renewal process will not now commence this month – indeed we do not currently have a date set for when we will re-introduce renewals. The committee is monitoring developments as we head towards the easing of lockdown, albeit in a controlled and probably phased introduction.
We will keep you updated on our position regarding renewals in the monthly electronic newsletters we are currently sending to all who have email addresses, and will let you know in advance once our plans have crystallised, which are dependent upon government guidance and the overall situation.
In the meantime, please pass on this information to anyone not able to receive the electronic newsletter, or access our website, whilst staying safe and taking care at all times.

Membership Secretary


Newsletter Update (1st June 2020)

The next Newsletter will be going live towards the end of next week so if anyone has anything they would like included please send it to me at jen@mtjmleach.plus.com as soon as possible.

I know some groups are communicating via Zoom meetings and would welcome any information from them as to how that is going.

Also, I am aiming to include another set of ‘What is it?’ photos as well as other puzzles to keep us all using our brains.
Thank you, Jenny.


Cultural Heritage Group

Due to the need for social distancing, it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to organise any coach trips at the moment. Therefore the CHG have decided not to run any more trips this year, but will start again in January. As the trips we had to cancel were all full, we will attempt to reschedule them next year.

The mailing list application forms that were due for renewal by September 2020 will be extended for another year to September 2021. This should ensure that everyone receives at least three mailings, for trips that actually take place.
If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Sue Abdullah (contact details in Newsletter)


U3A Radio Group
This group is for members who wish to be involved in various aspects of radio. Think of anything that currently goes out over the airwaves and we can do it! We currently have worldwide reach.
Potters Bar Radio operates two stations. PBR1 caters for general interest programming whilst PBR2 is used for more niche material. Members will be involved with both stations.

The PBR team are pre-recording and broadcasting from their own homes during lockdown. It is a dynamic, motivated team of all ages.
Topics include:-

  • How Internet Radio works – the advantages and disadvantages compared to FM
  • Setting up and operating a studio
  • Equipment and techniques
  • Software – Audacity and Audition
  • Creating content
  • Making jingles
  • Presentation techniques
  • Creating a programme
  • Interviewing skills
  • The Outside Broadcast – Challenges and Benefits
  • Researching material
  • Promotion
  • Scheduling
  • External sources
  • Licensing
  • Roles
  • No experience whatsoever is required.

Please contact Chris Cook to express an interest in being involved or for more information: crdc3108@outlook.com: www.pbradio.co.uk


Cultural & Heritage Group Outings
Due to the current restrictions because of covid-19, the CHG have cancelled the next three outings:-
Tuesday 16th June - Cambridge Cultural Icons
Tuesday 14th July - Kentwell
Monday 3rd August - Clarence House


The Interim May 2020 Electronic Newsletter is available now

The URL is:- www.pbu3a.org.uk Password:- DarkesLn2019

This is being issued to all members who have an email address as there will be no printed version until the epidemic is over and we can get back to normality
Keep Well and Safe


News from the Trust
We are delighted to offer a brand new series of free learning sessions on a variety of topics in association with experts from NatWest.

Friends Against Scams sessions

Experts from NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank will update you on the latest coronavirus scams and how to protect yourself from fraud. The sessions will be hosted by a Community Banker and are open to anyone who would like to know more about how to keep themselves safe from fraud and scams.

How the sessions will work

Sessions will be held by region, using video conferencing and we are asking you to register your interest by region. We will then send you the joining details for a session in your region. We are limited by the number of people who can join each one and so if the session is full up we will hold additional sessions in the following weeks to ensure that everybody is able to take part.

Please note your details will not be passed to NatWest at any time.

Sessions are region specific and will take place at the following times:

12 May 10:30am – 11:30am for members of U3As in the following regions:

• South East
• South West
• East Midlands
• West Midlands
• East of England
• London
Register for 'Friends Against Scams Sessions' for above regions
13 May 10:30 - 11:30am for members of U3As in the following devolved countries and regions:
Northern Ireland
North West
North East
Yorkshire and the Humber
Register for Friends Against Scams sessions for the above regions
U3A with NatWest Lecture Series

You are invited to take part in a series of live streamed lectures happening every Thursday at 2:30pm The first, on THURSDAY 14 May, will be on ROBOTICS.

These will be live streamed on the National U3A Facebook page here

Please note that you do not have to be following us on Facebook to watch - just go onto our page.

It will be screened simultaneously on the NatWest Youtube channel - links to this will follow. Each lecture will be recorded and recordings will be hosted on the U3A Youtube Channel for future viewings.


Your U3A National Newsletter Express - May - 07 2020
I hope you will all be able to enjoy the lovely weather this weekend and are all managing to be safe and well during this difficult time.

We have been offered something to keep you safe and something to keep you interested from the NatWest Social responsibility and charity partnership. They are running sessions on how to stay safe and protected from charity scams and a series of lectures for your interest - starting with the topic of robotics (see the details below).

If you think you know anyone else of your U3A colleagues who may benefit from scams awareness or might be interested to learn more about robotics, please do encourage them to sign up to the newsletter

There are lots of places available on these online sessions for U3A members which are all free so please sign up and let us know what you think of them.

The Newsletter Express aims to give you news and views when needed, so please look out for our main newsletter which will be coming out in the next few weeks and will be packed full of the latest news from across the movement.

With very best wishes, Sam.


Dear PBU3A Members

We have recently been made aware of another initiative recently set up, namely Potters Bar radio in which one of our members, Chris Cook, is much involved. He sent the following details which we pass on to you at this time should you find them useful:-

Potters Bar Radio 1 and Potters Bar Radio 2 (www.pbradio.co.uk) have been set up to support the mental health of the local community courtesy of a generous gift from a local charitable trust. The stations are only accessed via the internet but should soon be available through Smart speaker.

We are playing a variety of programmes including two church services on Sunday mornings. We are not taking any advertising preferring to follow the public service ethos of the BBC.
We are licensed to play music and have studios across Potters Bar plus one in Warwick! The whole project has come together from scratch in barely four weeks.

Once the crisis is over the intention is to open the stations up to groups, such as U3A, to learn all aspects of broadcasting. We welcome contributions from anyone, so if you wish to contribute please get in touch with Chris via his email at crdc3108@outlook.com or via the website as given above.

Radio 1 is a general output station whereas Radio 2 is for more specialist material such as spoken word, classical music and other genres.

Chris also indicated they are having a special day of programmes on Friday for VE Day. Time Capsule programme of music and archive reports plus historical programmes, an outside broadcast (weather permitting) etc.

We hope some of you may find this interesting, whether listening or contributing. PB U3A Committee


Hello theatre goers
As you know we were due to go to the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday 9 May for the The Film Music Gala. I am sure it comes as no surprise that this performance has been cancelled. There is no other information from RAH available at this time.


The Interim April 2020 Electronic Newsletter

This is being issued to all members who have an email address as there will be no printed version until the epidemic is over and we can get back to normality. Keep well and safe.

Is available now. The login details are below:-

The URL is: www.pbu3a.org.uk Password: DarkesLn2019


Theatre Update
As you know all theatres have suspended performances until further notice.

15 April 2020 Dial M for Murder at Milton Keynes
I am waiting for ATG to contact me. they are contacting their clients in order of performance dates. At the moment they are still dealing with March.
The shows have been suspended not cancelled, so I expect to be given a new performance date. If the date is unacceptable to PBU3A due to other commitments I will ask for a refund, but, I suspect a credit note will be given against any future performance. Therefore I cannot guarantee that you will receive a refund, PBU3A's booking was a block booking. I do realise that some of you may not wish to go to future theatre performances, the only answer I have is we will see what the situation is if and when it comes that.

Keep Safe,Brenda Copping


Staying in Touch – the Third Age Trust

These are extraordinary times and national office staff and trustees have been working hard to make sure it’s business as usual with some changes in how we provide services and a number of additions.

National Office
From last night, following the government announcement, staff are now working from home. The phone lines have been diverted so the national office number 0208 466 6139 will continue to be answered by staff, as will email enquiries. Our current volume of ‘phone calls in normal periods is 2000 per month

Due to the limitations on office working, the national shop is not able to process merchandise orders; however publicity downloads are still available.

The U3A Learning offer continues to be supported. While the DVD library is closed until further notice, members are being signposted to other resources. These include links on the national website to Subject Advisers – who have many learning resources on their dedicated pages Those Subject Advisers who want a dedicated website to store material will be supported in setting up a Site Builder website to include their resources. We are hoping to develop some podcasts with Subject Advisers.

Members are being encouraged to take part in a UK wide living history shared learning project to document their experience during this unprecedented time. You can read more and learn how to get involved in this on the website.

More ideas and thoughts about remote learning opportunities will be added to this page in the coming days/weeks. Thank you to all U3As for sharing their ideas.

Currently the team are working on advice for interest groups on how to use platforms such as Skype, closed Facebook and the conference call facility Whypay to offer remote interest group opportunities for members.

The Trust is identifying key volunteers to work remotely in each region with Regional Trustees. The aim is to offer email and potentially telephone support to small clusters of U3As who may experience particular problems as time progresses or who may just want a progress update on how others in the region are managing. They will liaise with Regional Trustees and National Office staff.

During this changing time, we have postponed all National Office arranged events until the Autumn. U3A Day on June 3 is postponed until October 1. You can see more detail on the U3A Day Facebook page

We hope to put regular bulletins on the national website with the latest advice and guidance surrounding coronavirus – and specific advice and ideas for U3As. We will send these bulletins in regular mailings to U3A committees.

Sources Online – our learning blog will host creative ideas about how interest groups and U3A members are continuing to stay healthy, active and engaged during this time. Please send all your ideas and stories to the communications officer – elizabeth.drury@u3a.org.uk

The national newsletter is a great way for the U3A movement to stay in touch with each other – please encourage all your colleagues and members to sign up

Elsewhere - a new Keeping In Touch closed Facebook page will be completed in the next few days. This will help us all share thoughts and ideas.

There will be information about managing U3As finance on the website, in mailings and newsletters, soon in response to queries from U3As.

These are unprecedented times and so there will be other changes that we will need to make in the coming days and weeks ahead. We will keep in touch via all appropriate communication channels to keep everyone informed.

The strength and resilience of this U3A community is exceptional. Thank you so much for your continued support and commitment.



Bayeaux Tapestry and river cruise - 22nd May:- This trip has been cancelled due to COVID-19 virus. All cheques will be returned.

Cambridge Cultural Icons - Tuesday 16th June
Kentwell - Tuesday 14th July
Clarence House - Monday 3rd August

We will be allocating places as usual for the above June, July and August trips. However we will NOT be cashing the cheques until we are certain they will run. If the virus threat has abated by June we will telephone those on the coach list to check if they still want to go, before cashing the cheques and finalising arrangements.

Any queries please contact Sue Abdullah, (contact details in Newsletter).


Due to the current COVID-19 situation the CHG trip on 2nd April to Highgate Cemetery has been cancelled. Suzanne Abdullah


Members booked on Wine Appreciation Group trip to Gifford's Hall, July 1st.
Dear U3A members,
The Wine Appreciation Group Team have decided that we need to cancel the trip to Gifford's Hall Vineyard on July 1st due to present circumstances.
We hope to reimburse you as fully as possible and will get back to you when we have established whether we can reclaim the deposits we have paid.
Also, it will be difficult for our treasurer, Nick Buckland, to get cheques countersigned in these difficult times, so we hope you will be understanding if this whole process is a slow one.
We send our very best wishes to you and your families. WAG team


In light of the coronavirus impact, our planned event on May 27th in acknowledgement of all the hard work done by Group co-ordinators now has to be cancelled.
Take care. Best wishes. Linda Holdway, Groups Facilitator


Our theatre trip to The Rose Theatre, Kingston on 26 March 2020 has been cancelled. The Theatre is closing from Friday 20th until further notice due to the health crisis.

Milton Keynes Theatre has closed, again due to the coronavirus, so we will not be going on the 15 April 2020 for Dial M for Murder. They will inform us shortly with regards to tickets already booked for performances. Please check your emails regularly. Brenda.


The committee have decided that due to the coronavirus, the age of our membership and the government advice today, we need to cancel the monthly meetings for April and May in Wyllyotts. It is likely that we may have to cancel the June meeting also, but we will update you on that matter in due course.

As for your group meetings, we think that it is up to each group to consult their members and decide whether they want to meet or not. We feel you are a responsible and sensible group of people and can make your own decisions. Obviously if any member feels vulnerable due to an underlying medical condition or are feeling ill or have been in contact with a potential carrier they will not attend group meetings. Again, this advice will be reviewed in the light of any new information or directives.

Please could members and groups keep in contact with anyone they think might be alone and isolated due to these circumstances and those without a computer who might not receive information.

If anyone wants any further information or help the names and email addresses and telephone numbers of committee member are in the Newsletters.

Keep fit and well and hopefully busy and occupied as much as possible. Good luck.

Pat Patterson [Potters Bar Vice-chair]


The latest coronavirus update from U3A National Office.

We will continue to update the advice when required to respond to any further developments in the spread of the virus.

We understand that each committee will assess the risk to their members and make the decisions that they feel can ensure the safety of their members, taking into account any known risks at that time.

At all times we should all follow the most up to date government advice about coronavirus. We hope that coronavirus will not affect any of our U3A community.

We would ask you to keep fellow members up to date with advice about coronavirus.

Our advice currently is as follows:

**If a member has returned from one of the areas identified by the government and has any of the symptoms identified on the government website they should not hold interest groups in their own homes, or attend interest groups or attend monthly meetings until they have followed the NHS advice provided after calling 111

**If a U3A finds that a member has contracted coronavirus, please let the Trust know immediately

**The members of interest groups that any member with coronavirus has attended should all call 111 to ask for advice

**The monthly meeting should be cancelled for that month (and possibly longer) until the spread of the virus has been assessed.

In general a U3A may consider other precautions such as using hand sanitiser gel in interest groups and monthly meetings and reducing physical contact such as shaking hands until further information becomes available.

Thank you. Your support on this is very appreciated.

very best wishes

Chief Executive


New Groups
French Beginners & Mindfulness
We would like to start up a further 2 new groups and have some keen members ready to go.....
Do you have any experience in either of the above and would be willing to help / assist with the coordination of either. Please get in touch, thank you, Linda.
Linda Holdway, Groups Facilitator


Whitechapel Mission

Potters Bar U3A has received a very grateful letter of thanks from The Whitechapel Mission, a charity for the homeless, in East London in response to a cheque for £250 we sent them from the proceeds of the PB U3A quiz in October.


Planned Theatre Outings
19 February 2020 Victoria Theatre Woking - Beautiful - Carol King musical cost £46 pp includes
theatre ticket, coach travel, gratuities and confectionery . places available contact Brenda.

26 March 2020 Rose Theatre Kingston - Stephen Tompkinson in Educating Rita

15 April 2020 Milton Keynes Theatre - Dial M for Murder.

9 May 2020 Royal Albert Hall - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. - Film Music Gala

14 June 2020 Milton Keynes Last Night of the Spring Proms.

29 July 2020 Cliffs Pavilion Southend on Sea Dolly Parton's Musical 9 - 5


AGM Group Displays

A very big thank you to all the Group Coordinators who promoted their groups on Monday.
I know it was very much appreciated by our members who supported their displays before and after the AGM meeting.

Also.... everyone - please keep the ideas coming in for new Interest Groups.

Thanks again - Linda ( Groups Facilitator )


A Message From the Co-Ordinator of the Antiques & Collectables Group
Are there any U3A members out there who have interesting collections that they would like to share with us at one of our meetings? This is not a plea to join our group (although we could accept one more) but more to help us expand our range of interest and they, in turn, could benefit from viewing some contributions from within our group.
Our meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month, from 10:30 to 12:30.
If interested please phone me on 01707 652399 or email aubrey.tray@gmail.com


Potters Bar U3A New Interest Groups

  • Interest groups remain at the core of our U3A. “ help us to help you”.
  • Some of our members have suggested the following new interests -
  • Bricklaying, Creative Writing, Cryptic Crosswords, Electrics, Maths,
  • Mindfulness, Solo Whist, Walking Netball, Welsh Conversation.
  • Once we have sufficient interest in a specific subject, I shall organise a meeting
  • to take the new Interest group forward.

Linda Holdway. Groups Facilitator

A Simple Guide to being a Group Coordinator

  • Involve group members in decisions and responsibilities - all take an active part.
  • A deputy / assistant proves very helpful.
  • Are the ‘link’ name(s) for our newsletter and webpage.
  • Nobody has to be the expert as all learn from each other.
  • Third Age Trust subject advisors readily available.

Interested? Contact Linda Holdway. Groups Facilitator


The next mailing for the CHG trips will be posted 1st class on Monday 4th November. The trips are :-
Wednesday 15th January - The Clink and Tower Bridge Experience
Wednesday 11th March - Fulham Palace
Thursday 2nd April - Highgate Cemetery


2020 Diaries
Diaries will be available to purchase from the Membership Desk/ Pat Patterson for £2.75 at the AGM on 14th October and the following monthly meetings. Members who cannot attend these meetings can telephone Pat on: 01582 832877 to arrange collecting a diary.



The role of Chair of Potters Bar U3A will become vacant at the Annual General Meeting on 14th October. This situation has arisen due to circumstances which have occurred only very recently and which are beyond the control of the Committee. The Committee is therefore looking to the membership, in advance of the AGM, for nominations to fill this role.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested then the nomination form can be found in the Autumn Newsletter or go to https://www.pbu3a.org.uk/ where you can find a link to a printable nomination form without having to enter the Newsletter password. The nomination should be sent to: The Secretary Nicola Hirschle 11 Tolmers Road Cuffley EN6 4JF by Monday 7th October.

If you need further information you should contact Nicola on 01707 889103


There are currently spaces on the following trip due to change of date.

The Silverstone Experience - Due to the delayed opening, this trip will now take place on Thursday 31st October and cost £35. This new attraction opens in October and is an interactive 2.5 hour journey through the past, present and future of Silverstone and British motor racing. There are all kinds of memorabilia from motorbikes to cars, programmes to signing-on sheets.

If you are interested, please contact Sue Abdullah on 01707 645490 or 07971 177561 or email sueabdullah@btinternet.com.


We currently have spaces on the following trip:-
Backstage at the Royal Opera House - The first trip is full, but we have managed to arrange a second trip for Wednesday 27th November, costing £40. Alternatively you could be added to the waiting list for Wednesday 13th November. This is a chance to see behind the scenes at the ROH after its £50 million renovation. Please contact Sue Abdullah on 01707 645490


Can anyone help with delivery of the Newsletters in any of the following addresses in Potters Bar please?
Ashwood Road; Chace Avenue; Firs Lane; Forbes Avenue; Gresley Court, Little Heath; Highview Gardens; Kemble Close; Lake View; Mandeville Court, Darkes Lane; Mandeville Road; Morven Close; Oakmere Avenue; Park Avenue; Park View; Potters Court, Darkes Lane; The Greenway

If you feel you could assist, and so save us the considerable cost of postage, in this way we will be very grateful. The Newsletter comes out four times a year and I can let you know how many need delivering for each address/ road if that helps.

Please contact me either by email jen@mtjmleach.plus.com or telephone 01707 654903
Thank you, Jenny Leach (Editor).


This year PB U3A's Annual New Year celebration tour is to the attractive county of Kent. We will visit an historic castle, cathedral and what has become a 'must do' - a train ride, this time on the delightful Bluebell Line. There will also be a Gala dinner with entertainment.
Single and Twin rooms are available.
For a brochure and more information please email Brenda.


Cultural & Heritiage Outings

This new attraction is an interactive 2.5 hour journey through the past. present and future of Silverstone and British motor racing. Celebrate the motor racing legends of eras past and learn how the technology behind British motor racing. Through STEM technology you will be able to experience “the ultimate lap of Silverstone” with commentary by Murray Walker.
U3A members - £35

This is your chance to to step inside this amazing Royal Opera House, after its massive £50 million renovation. The tour includes an introduction to the colourful history of the theatre, an insight into its redevelopment and a look at aspects of current productions.
U3A members - £40

Due to great demand a second trip has been arranged. This is your chance to to step inside this amazing Royal Opera House, after its massive £50 million renovation. The tour includes an introduction to the colourful history of the theatre, an insight into its redevelopment and a look at aspects of current productions.
U3A members - £40

For the Christmas period, 12 rooms in Waddesdon Manor will be decorated with a theme of carols and festive songs. At dusk the house and adjacent gardens will be illuminated. There is also a Christmas market.
U3A members - £36 U3A and NT members - £20


Bridge in the Evening

I would like to start a bridge evening group at my home taking 2 tables.
Players will need previous experience
If you are interested please contact:

Pat Bennellick
01707 552327


Holiday - 8 day tour to Lake Garda by Air - Excursions to Venice, Verona, Milan & Dolomite region
Departing 19 April 2020. Cost on Dinner Bed & Breakfast basis £780.00 per person sharing a twin room. Hotel close to the Lake, spacious gardens, outdoor pool. Contact Brenda for further details.


Future Theatre outings
Programme - Rossini, Debussy, Sousa, Puccini Mozart, Strauss, Brahms, Bizet, Verdi, Holst, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius, Elgar, Mascagni.
Plus the proms favourites Nessun Dorma & Rule Britannia.


New page listing U3A Subject Advisers, available from Groups page.


The Cultural Heritage Group is looking for volunteers to help organise outings - couples, friends or individuals - all will be welcome. Lots of help and guidance will be given to any volunteers. If you are interested or just want to know more, please contact Sue Abdullah, Email: Sue Abdullah


Film Makers Group
New group “Film / Video Making”. - The concept of the group would start by making small video clips of some of the existing groups which would be viewed at our monthly meetings and possibly posted to the web site to help promote their activities.
This will include creating a story board, filming the groups activities, editing and producing a final video.
Anyone who is interested please contact me:- David - David Collins.


Herts Chain Walk
A photo of the walking group undertaking the second stage of the Herts Chain Walk organised by Bob Clarke and Phil Spencer.
(Many thanks to Steph & Pete for photo.)


Richard Furnuval Jones in his Harrods bespoke outfit,
speaker at the Monthly Meeting 12th February.


A new website for U3APlus 
U3APlus is delighted to announce the launch of its new website.

U3APlus aims to help, support and advise U3As to ensure that all their members can access the informal learning and activities in their U3As, regardless of impairment or disability.

The new website will offer practical help and support to ensure that every U3A member can access and enjoy everything the U3A offers, and which makes it such a special organisation.

Visit plus.u3a.org.uk to find out more.


SCHOOLREADERS; improving literacy – increasing life chances
Can you spare an hour or two a week to listen to children read in a local primary school? Schoolreaders is looking for more volunteers in Hertfordshire to carry out this important role.
Reading time for many children at home and at school is often insufficient and one in four children are now leaving primary school unable to read to the required standard. This can have a lifelong consequence. No qualifications are necessary, just a good command of spoken and written English.
Schoolreaders is flexible and will match your availability to an appropriate, local school. Our volunteers find the scheme incredibly rewarding, knowing that a few hours helping a child learn to read each week can have such a great impact on their life chances.
Please visit the website www.schoolreaders.org to join or call 01234 924111 for further information.


What are MOOCs? - Massive Open Online Courses
These courses are designed for groups studying a particular topic. They are written by practising academics from international universities bringing up to date information via the internet for members to access.
They can be used in a variety of ways:
● One member can sign on to a course on behalf of their study group
● All members can sign on the course, watch it and work on it at home
● The group can watch it together
● Start with FutureLearn – it’s easy to follow
● Keep study sessions short
● Do it at your own pace
● Choose a short course to start with
● Join the discussion forums and follow the tutor’s comments
● Go for it – there is nothing to lose
For more information and ideas from U3As who are using MOOCs, go to the
National website or www.u3asites.org/advice-on-moocs


We now have a mobile phone for the Membership Secretaries so that their home numbers do not get blocked with calls so please try to use it if you need to communicate with either of them - the number is 07544 263356. Please use it if you are having problems receiving the electronic Newsletter (providing you have signed up for it) and they will try to sort it out for you.
We are still working (or at least the technical ones are) to improve the mass e-mail system and once again we do apologise for the trouble that has been caused.


Third Age Trust
Arc Legal Assistance, in partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, are the new providers of the telephone legal advice service which is available to all U3A members. There is no limit to the number of calls you can make and advice will be given on all aspects of law. The helpline is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and powered by a team of legal advisors divided into specialist teams.
To access the legal helpline, please call 0344 770 1040 and quote ‘U3A Legal Helpline’. If you are asked for an insurance number say that you do not have one.


Peter Turnbull has given me updated versions of his comprehensive course notes (Intermediate Computing 2) and has generously allowed them to be made available to all via our website page IT Resources.


New wording for Cheque payments to Potters Bar U3A#
From November 2014 the names of our accounts with the bank will change. Each account starts with Potters Bar U3A, so when writing a cheque which you want to be paid into one of our bank accounts please write the payee as
Potters Bar U3A. If the cheque is for your annual subscription that is all you need.
If you are a member of the Cultural Heritage Group then please will you put
Potters Bar U3A - CHG.
If you are a member of any other group please put
Potters Bar U3A - Groups._
If you are in any doubt please consult your group leader as the bank has indicated that it will not accept incorrectly addressed cheques.
Would group leaders please draw the change of wording described above to the attention of any suppliers who may need to make payments to / reimburse Potters Bar U3A.
Thank you, Nick Buckland - Treasurer