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Carnaby Street, Review

The Theatre Group visited Windsor in May to see the musical ‘Carnaby Street’. Advertised as a “brand new, juke box musical that celebrates the music and fashions of London in the swinging 60s” we anticipated a nostalgic afternoon reliving our youth, and we weren’t disappointed.

The enthusiastic and energetic cast took us back to an era of trendy fashions and eccentric characters, at a time of hope and freedom, when the world was changing and anything seemed possible.

The story of a working class boy Jude, who moves from Liverpool to follow his dreams on the iconic streets of London was told through both dialogue and songs such as ‘Don’t let me be Misunderstood’, ‘Go Now’, ‘Keep on Running’ and many others. In total 30 classic hits were expertly performed by a very talented cast. The clever production linked in newsworthy stories from the period, which raised a few wry smiles from the audience.

It was a foot tapping, hand clapping and for some of us a bit of a sing along: a really enjoyable day – thank you Terry and helpers.

Anne & Bob Clarke