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CHAIRMAN Barbara Spiegelhalter 07966219764

VICE CHAIR Rosemary Sirett 07540567804

SECRETARY Carol Powell 02392 754289

TREASURER Jean Morgan 02392 816949

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Olivia Quinn 07506 145293

SOCIAL SECRETARY Ken Snell MBE 02392 786825

SPEAKER SECRETARY Hilary Poley 02392756220

WEBSITE Rosemary Sirett 07540597804

BEACON ADMINISTRATOR Ivor Grayson-Smith 0239250340

EDITOR NEWSLETTER Susan Johnson 02392 669938

COMMITTEE MEMBER Diana Wren 02392 737470

RESEARCH Jean Barrow 02392 293213

Committee Meetings:- for Spring Term 2022
January 14th.,February 11th., March 11th., April 8th.

Speaker followed by The Members Forum Meetings:- for Spring Term 2022
January 18th - Caroline Tilley - RNLI Emsworth
February 15th - Charlotte Haines - Songs Gone By
March 15th - David Gane - Emsworth u3a

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