The "3a" in u3a stands for the Third Age – the third being a reference to that time of life when you give up full time employment and choose to do things that you may have always fancied trying but hitherto had no time or opportunity to indulge.

The focus is on the provision of community-based educational, creative and leisure opportunities delivered in a friendly, no pressure environment.

There are over 1,000 local U3As all over the UK - and the number is increasing, with about 50 new u3a's starting up every year, each being a self-governing charity.

Between them u3a's offer the chance to study over 300 different subjects in fields such as art, languages, music, history, life sciences, philosophy, computing, crafts, photography and walking.

Here in our lovely seaside community of Porthcawl we’ve a well-established and flourishing u3a - a growing membership of 500+ and an increasing portfolio of subjects, activities and events. 

Indeed, there are around 100 meetings of interest groups every month at venues across Porthcawl, with activities from creative writing to crafts; painting to photography; singing to scrabble.

You'll find we've something for every taste and interest. So cast off those winter blues - come give us a try at Porthcawl u3a, make new friends, learn, laugh and live! If you are undecided and want to try before you buy, then you can attend up to two sessions - either two of one group or one of two different groups - before joining.

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To Join, please print off the Membership Form and send the completed form with remittance as directed in the form.

Our membership year runs from Jan to Dec and due to the uncertainty that Covid-19 brings, the annual membership in 2021 is just £20. However, Renewal for those who were members in 2020 is only £10. You can attend as many classes and join as many groups as you wish.
Membership for those joining now from September to December is just £10.
There are no additional fees for most groups. However, there will be charges for Visits, Concerts, and Meals.

Contact Membership enquiries if you have any questions about membership.