Porthcawl U3A normally publishes a Monthly Newsletter which is distributed to all Members. Abridged copies of past issues are available online at Newsletter
Unfortunately, due to the current situation, the Newsletter is currently suspended
U3A members nationwide are being asked to help craft a shared learning project creating living history of experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.
If you are interested in Mindfulness, please look at the link here to an 8 Week Course
Also - starting on 1st Sept 2020, Jaci has started a Mindfulness Magazine (Click this link or available on the Mindfulness for Everyday Living group page)


A new advice document on restarting groups and risk assessment forms are available on the Coronavirus page.

Walking is one group that has restarted


Coronavirus 11th June Update

(Previous updates are now under the Coronavirus button at top of screen)

Today (Wed 11th June) is the last chance you have to collect a mask at the Piccolo Bar at 12.00pm.

The Mask Ladies, Trixie Tudor & Anne Trimble who have made 1300+ masks, will distribute on-demand in future. Our Congratulations & Thanks go to them both, for this marvellous work for the benefit of all. If you need a mask please email WebMaster or phone Trixie

Masks are also available to collect from Nottage Library (in the old Bus Stop) and from Nottage Stores.

I am delighted to say that the U3A Social Cycling 'Just Giving' page has so far raised £2046 - exceeding their target, but that doesn't mean you can't still donate.

- Cycling for the NHS

To support them please click here Cycling Group Just Giving page

Look at their group page here: Social Cycling

Stephen tells me that the 'Painting Workshop' has an email social circle in action and that they are still adding Artworks to their Porthcawl group webpage.

Malcolm is ready and waiting to get walking! Our plan is to start local walks as soon as groups (not families but maybe 8 people?) are allowed to gather for exercise.

As always thank you for all your supportive responses.

Stay safe

Sally A Corbett

Chair Porthcawl U3A