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Coronavirus 11th June Update

Today (Wed 11th June) is the last chance you have to collect a mask at the Piccolo Bar at 12.00pm.

The Mask Ladies, Trixie Tudor & Anne Trimble who have made 1300+ masks, will distribute on-demand in future. Our Congratulations & Thanks go to them both, for this marvellous work for the benefit of all. If you need a mask please email WebMaster or phone Trixie

Masks are also available to collect from Nottage Library (in the old Bus Stop) and from Nottage Stores.

I am delighted to say that the U3A Social Cycling 'Just Giving' page raised a final total of £2592.36 -far exceeding their target.

- Cycling for the NHS

Stephen tells me that the 'Painting Workshop' has an email social circle in action and that they are still adding Artworks to their Porthcawl group webpage.

Malcolm is ready and waiting to get walking! Our plan is to start local walks as soon as groups (not families but maybe 8 people?) are allowed to gather for exercise.

As always thank you for all your supportive responses.

Stay safe

Sally A Corbett

Chair Porthcawl U3A

Coronavirus 2nd June Update

Delighted that things are lifting a bit and we can meet a family member or two, or a friend, a real person!

For many of us, because of our ages & our individual circumstances, there may not be a big difference, but at the very least we can all now visit a friend & sit in the garden together. We are all responsible for our own tracking and hope that the beauty of our area does not bring a further invasion of the dreaded virus.

I have some more news, I am delighted to announce that our Porthcawl U3A Cycling Team are cycling for the NHS through the month of June, to see what they are individually up to & to donate if you can, please visit: Cycling Group Just Giving page

Trixie & Anne are still working away making and distributing masks, 850+ at the last count, see them outside the Piccolo Bar, Wednesday 12.00 pm. People are welcome to collect a 2nd mask so you can wash & refresh. Masks can also be collected from the Bus Shelter Library in Nottage well worth a visit if you have run out of reading matter!!

If you are venturing further afield, for more plants or DIY bits, I understand the garden centre in Pyle has a socially distancing outside cafe, which might make your expedition even more enjoyable.

Most of our groups are obviously very quiet. The Gardening group has a list of jobs for June. Philosophy is continuing the Attic discussions by Zoom and there are many Musical Moments being shared by the Ukulele group!

Jaci is distributing an 8-week course 'Everyday Mindfulness'. The group are on Week 3, but it is all going on our Porthcawl U3A website. If you have not made it to the group or if you just want to have a look and introduce yourself to Mindfulness take a look there.

Do tell if anything is going on in your group, its good to share!

Stay Safe

20th May Update

Anne and Trixie are making face masks and distributing them for free every Wednesday at 12 Noon from outside the Piccolo Bar.
They have had so many requests for masks, which they are hoping to continue making for those who need them, that they are running out of supplies of materials!

Can anyone help? Do you have any old sheets, duvet covers or pillow slips that could be recycled in this way? Did you once do patchwork? Do you have a spare fat quarter tucked away? Or a metre of cotton for something you will never make? They also need the elastic for the loops, flat elastic preferably!

If anyone can help, please email info@porthcawlu3a.org.uk & we will arrange to collect. Or you can drop off on Wednesday at 12 outside the Piccolo Bar when they are distributing the next delivery.

I also have to pass again everyone’s thanks to these ladies for their kind thoughts and effort in the production of these masks!
They have had still asking for donations of old sheets, pillow slips and duvets and also are now in need of elastic, so donations would be welcomed



I said I would write again after Easter and here we are after Easter in extended isolation. I have today to formally cancel all our planned events up to the end of July.

This is because with the restrictions in place now for another 3 weeks and taking into account the age and vulnerability of our members we feel it is unlikely that we will be allowed to recommence our groups until at least September. This is very disappointing for all of us, many people have worked hard to arrange these special events to celebrate our 25years and I would thank them again for all their efforts. We will destroy all the cheques we are holding for Highgrove, our holiday and our dinner and hope that these events are allowed to take place at some time in the future.

I know many of you are using the internet to keep in touch with your friends and families.
Can I recommend to you all the U3A website, it is a mine of information and activity - start by signing up for the newsletter at www.u3a.org.uk/newsletter and read about everything that is happening there?

The writing groups have already been told of a short story competition, but it is open to everyone, (see below)
The U3A is interested in how we are all coping with this pandemic, how we feel and what we are doing, they are asking people to join in a Diary project,(see below)
If you have been taking photos on your walks you might like to look for U3A Eye, where there is a fortnightly project, not a competition, but the best 15 photos submitted will be published on the online gallery.

Our Wildlife Group has started their own Facebook page and maybe interested in looking at the information about BirdTrack.
I have been impressed with all the different things you have been getting up to, Janice is into yoga classes by Zoom
Hilary recommends YouTube for Ukulele Lessons
Vera continues to post her daily photos on Porthcawl First see them there!
That doesn't include all the gardening, dog walking and house sorting we have all been working at.
Kay has shared tips for work in April with the Gardening Group.
Doug is in contact with his Groups sending out work to keep them busy, he sadly has not been able to visit Dorothy for a month now, but she is well and being cheeky!
Veronica - is keen to set up a What's App singing group if you would like to join please call her.
Book Club 3 had virtual coffee & cake on Thursday last by email & Whats App!
Andrews Philosophy Group is missing the Attic but still find time for very involved discussions (nothing changes really!)using Zoom
Malcolm is working with Jo and their group distributing their writings. I think we could do with seeing some of these on our Facebook page, please?
I haven't listed everything that everyone is up to, it would take me too long, but I hope that you are all keeping well and getting any help that you need. The Covid c19 Group for Porthcawl are being very active in offering help and I hope you have been able to contact them if you do need help with anything.
If our biggest problems are getting shopping deliveries, then I don't think we are doing too bad! Let me know please if you need any help or are ill or just need someone to talk to.

Stay Safe
Sally - Chair - Porthcawl U3A


It is with sadness that Porthcawl U3A informs all its members that it is suspending all activities until further notice (at least until after Easter, 14 April)
This is in order to not expose members to risk and to have a consistent approach to the situation, bearing in mind that some groups
have decided not to continue to meet and some cannot meet because the venue at which they meet has decided they are unable to accommodate them.
Our AGM due to occur on 26 March is postponed
Please will you check that your groups and friends are aware of this notice, especially those who don't use computers.

Best regards


Chair, Porthcawl U3A