Plymstock & District


  • Before attending a new Group, or one which you have not attended recently, please check with the Group Contact first to confirm venue details and to confirm that there are places available.
  • When attending a Group for the first time, please take your Membership Card, and then again when Membership has been renewed in April/May.
  • If you miss 3 consecutive Group meetings without informing the Group Contact, then you will be considered to have left the Group.
  • Please inform the Group Contact if you are going to miss a class or no longer wish to attend.
  • You can attend a Group as a visitor only twice and must join Plymstock and District U3A if you wish to keep attending a Group.
  • When sharing a car for a Group event, the agreed cost of this is 40p per mile, divided by the number of people in the car.
  • When attending a meeting in someone's home, it is suggested that a contribution of 50p should be made for any refreshments.

Any further queries, please contact Phil Mitchell, Groups Liaison Officer