Plymstock & District

Disabled Members

We are pleased to report that we have now allocated some parking spaces at The Staddy for our General Meetings. Turn right on entering the car park, and facing the building you will find reserved parking spaces which will be available on a first come-first served basis. We ask that other members leave these spaces free for those who are Blue Badge Holders. There is ample parking for everyone, but we appreciate that the surface of the car park is not very flat and also rather stony, so we hope this will make it easier for some of our members to get to the building from their cars.

At the General Meetings we are also happy to help those disabled members who have difficulty walking or are hard of hearing. We always put out 2 or 3 rows of chairs on the right hand side of the room, with only 3/4 chairs in each row to enable people to get to a chair with ease. If you need help with this, or in finding a front seat if you are hard of hearing, please find a committee member and they will be glad to help you.