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New memberships are valid until 30 April 2021

The membership subscription covers the costs of administering the u3a and holding monthly all-members meetings. Additional charges may be incurred whilst participating in interest groups to cover costs such as entrance fees or hire of venues and equipment.

Annual membership fees for 2020-21 are as follows:-

Full Member £18.00 p.a.
Associate Member £14.50 p.a. for members who are also full members of other U3As.

Reduced membership fees currently apply:

Joining in Nov/Dec 2020 costs £9.00, Jan/Feb 2021 £6.00, Mar/Apr 2021 £3.00.

All current memberships are valid until 30th April 2021.

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Click on the Membership enquiries Link to go to the Contact page and send a message to Membership.