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This page will be updated at the beginning of each month while there are restrictions on activities due to the covid19 virus.

Last updated: 15th January 2021

This page provides an overview of what each U3A group is doing during the COVID situation. It is updated monthly with information provided by Group Convenors. In addition some other groups are also meeting so it is worth looking through the separate group pages on this website.

If you see an activity that you are interested in please click on the group name and this will take you to the group page. Contact the convenor by clicking on the blue bird icon in the top right hand corner of the page.


January Monthly Meeting via Zoom

Wednesday 27th January

Hatch Match and Despatch

Antony Marr who worked as a police officer in London for 30 years, and as a Deputy Registrar in Buckinghamshire

For more details click on Events


Art 4 Group VIRTUAL
Now meeting virtually


British History Group VIRTUAL

The British History Group continues to email monthly quizzes to its members on the second Wednesday of each month and to hold Zoom meetings on the third Wednesday.


Come Dine With Me Group (subject to COVID guidance)

We have decided until further notice to have picnics in place of our usual dinners/lunches which were held approximately monthly. We are meeting in our gardens wherever possible. Please contact me if you are interested


Discussion Group VIRTUAL
Has a Zoom meeting every 2 weeks following the programme that was started in March. Group 1 has vacancies.


Free Lunchtime Concerts Group VIRTUAL
The Free Lunchtime Concerts Group listens to the Radio 3 lunchtime concert broadcast on the 24th of each month and then we have a Zoom meeting after the concert to chat and catch up with each other and and to discuss the music that we've just heard. Details of this month's concert are not yet available(search for 'Radio 3 schedules' later this week for details).


French Conversation and Italian Conversation groups VIRTUAL
The Italian Conversation Group has remained very active. Members write a short piece every fortnight on a topic chosen by one of the group and present it at the next Zoom meeting. We are very lucky to have an ex-member of our group, Antonella, a native Italian speaker, who has returned to Italy and during the lockdown has been kindly correcting our written Italian.
Most of the French Conversation groups have organised Zoom meetings and are meeting regularly. There are Intermediate and more Advanced meetings.For example, the Advanced French Conversation meets weekly for 40 minutes for about 6 people.  At least one of the groups operates in the same way as the Italian group - sharing short pieces of writing before the meeting and presenting them at the meeting. Having the texts beforehand helps members as the sound is not always perfect!

New faces are welcome.


Gardening Group VIRTUAL

The next meeting is Monday 5th October at 11.00 am:At 11.00: The ever-changing fashions in English Gardens over the last 500 years. A virtual tour by the Blue Badge Guide Patricia Gentry who gave us such an interesting talk on Kew Gardens at our October meeting.


History Book Group VIRTUAL

This is a newly formed group with 7 participants who are reading a wide range of books, including biographies. This is not a book group where you all read the same book. Instead, you choose the book, read it and talk to the Group about it. Spaces for 3 more Members Meeting first Tuesday of the month at 4.00 pm on Zoom.


Members On Their OwnVIRTUAL
Meeting fortnightly on Zoom. We can't plan where we want to go, as we usually do, but we chat as to how we are feeling and then discuss a topic. We still email and speak on the 'phone too.


Photography Group VIRTUAL

Now meeting on Zoom twice a month. See Photography or Events pages for details.


Poetry Group VIRTUAL

(features poems to match a mood)

Our next meeting, from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm on Monday 19th October, will be a bring-and-share of poems to match a mood. Many people like to match music to their moods or turn to specific poems at moments of depression, elation or deep ennui. William Sieghart's The Poetry Pharmacytakes this idea to another level, prescribing poems that may be helpful to people experiencing, say, a sense of purposelessness or a need for moral guidance, and a host of other mental states.

The Poetry Pharmacy? Or are there poems that can be relied on make you feel a certain way?


Book Group 3 Reading Caravan VIRTUAL

Now meeting virtually


Remember When Group VIRTUAL

Has a Zoom meeting every 2 weeks, following the programme that was started in March.


Science, Nature,Technology Group VIRTUAL

The next Science Group Zoom meeting will be at 2.00 pm on Thursday 20th August. There will be 6 contributions on a second round of topics about Flight:

Bird Flight; Non-avian Animal Flyers; Supersonic Flight – Concorde; Drones; Reaching the Stars and Space Flight.

Contact the Group Convenor via the webpage for more information and details.


T48: The Light-Dining Group VIRTUAL
The group currently holds weekly on-line lunches. These have now been moved from Fridays to Wednesdays, still starting at 12:45 pm. Just prepare your own meal, join the meeting and have lunch together without leaving the comfort of your own home. First-timers to T48 on-line meetings now have their own early start-time. So that they can get settled before the others arrive, they may if they wish sign-in at 12:30 pm rather than 12:45 pm.

When Face-to Face (F2F) Members' Monthly Meetings restart, we shall also hold F2F, rather than on-line, meetings on the same Wednesdays. On other Wednesdays, we shall be continuing with on-line meetings. When conditions improve, other F2F meetings will be held, once again, as appropriate.
Go to the T48 page on the website (by clicking on the group name) for further details and to book your place with the organiser. The whole concept of T48 means that places are limited, but there is a substantially higher limit for on-line meetings because there is no kitchen to be overwhelmed.


Theatre Group

The nature of the Group's activity means that it operates through a mailing list rather than regular meetings. Jill welcomes all Members to add their name and contact details to the mailing list.


New groups
Progress with setting up new groups will obviously be delayed, but if you are interested please contact Val Girling, our Groups Coordinator. Groups can start during these times, so long as government restrictions are observed. Meeting via Zoom and, where appropriate, in gardens is certainly the favourite way of getting together at the moment.

True History Book Club

Would any of you out there be interested in starting a new kind of book group that only reads and discusses true history?

Beginners Art


Is there anyone out there who feels able to teach a Beginner's Art group?

Please contact our Groups Coordinator


Discussion 2

There are spaces for those of you who wish to join a discussion group. Please let me know. It takes place on the morning of the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Please contact our Groups Coordinator


Photography 2

If anyone would like to further their interest in photography - and it will be for the group to decide what exactly will be done - is encouraged to get in touch with me and we'll see if we can facilitate the start of a second photography group.

Val Girling - Groups Coordinator


Sunday Lunch Club

Still open for more Sunday Lunchers

Val Girling - Groups Coordinator



It has been suggested that there is sufficient interest among you to relaunch a Textiles group.

It is also a suggestion that, since the topic is so wide, it might be good to run 6 or 8 week courses in various crafts - as Members wish - and then develop these crafts in subsequent sessions. It would be for the members of the group to plan and decide on how this might look.

Would anyone who would like to be involved in any textile craft please contact Val?


Travel with U3A#



The Travel Committee