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This feature has been set up to allow people to gauge support for a group they'd like to set up, or tell folks about one that has been set up.

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Proposed New (Church) Bell-Ringing Group
I would like to test the waters for the setting-up of a bell-ringing group - this is the 1/2 ton church-bell variety and not handbells. If people like the idea of swinging a lump of metal the weight of a small car around above their heads on the end of a long piece of rope, I would be delighted to take them under my wing and introduce them to a fascinating new activity. The question of religion sometimes crops up - no, you don't have to attend services, but the vicar would be delighted if you did. And, yes, if you hang on, you do go up with the rope, so we don't hang on!

We practise at Milton on Thursday evenings, other towers on other days, but I am retired and am free to teach at any time.

I'd be delighted to come and have a chat with interested parties.

Chris Wardell

So, if you're interested please click the link at the end of this line to send a message to New Bell-Ringing Group

Footnote from webmaster.
As an ex-ringer I would add that that this is great fun, you work as part of a team and you do not need to be the "Muscles from Brussels".