Our u3a

The u3a (formerly known as the University of the Third Age) is a national movement that is aimed at people who are no longer in full time employment and who believe in the idea of lifelong learning. The UK has over 450,000 members and there are several million across the world.

Our Petersfield u3a started in 1995.

We don't have paid tutors. Our focus is on peer-led learning. Our members volunteer their life-skills and acquired knowledge to facilitate 'interest groups'. A member may be a 'learner' in one interest group and a 'leader' in another.

Members take part in as many interest groups as they wish. We cover over 40 subjects (see Our Groups) with new ones being added every year. Groups mostly have between 5 and 12 members, but there is no rule, and they meet in public venues like the Community Centre and the Physic Garden Room as well as in members' homes.

We also hold at least four meetings each month, usually with outside speakers, that are open to all members. These cover Science and Technology, Arts and Heritage, Health and Wellbeing and one which is especially designed to welcome new members that has subjects of more general interest.

Like all u3a branches, we are a registered charity (No. 1060354). Members are elected annually to a management committee to act as our Trustees. Meet the current team: Management Committee 2020-2021

All members are expected to actively contribute to ensuring that our u3a continues to meet its objectives.