Family History 1

Family History Group 1 has been in existence since 2000, has a current membership of 14, and meets in a member`s home.

It is essentially a mutual help group which encourages its members to research their family history as comprehensively as possible, making the fullest use of the resources currently available - including those to be found on-line. Group meetings provide a forum for wide-ranging discussion in which members are able to report on their latest investigations.

They seek advice on difficulties they have encountered and the best way to tackle them. At some meetings, individual members deliver a brief presentation on a specific aspect of their research. This may be, for example, a particularly colourful ancestor they have unearthed or an unusual trade or livelihood that features in their family’s past.

The group is currently near capacity, but if you are interested in joining, you are welcome to contact us as circumstances can change.

Terry and Valerie Connor, Convenors