Current Affairs Group 1

This Current Affairs Group is convened by Andy Borthwick and meets in members’ homes on the last Thursday of the month at 10:30.

The meetings cover local, national and international issues which allow members to both explore each other’s ideas and views as well as try to gain a greater understanding about what lies behind matters.

The meetings last for 90 minutes and the members select the topics that they feel are worthy of discussion. An informal and relaxed atmosphere is aimed for so as to encourage debate with numbers kept to under ten participants so as to allow sufficient time for individuals to contribute. The meeting is chaired so as to share any discussion fairly around the group and every effort is made to listen to, appreciate and understand differing views.

Occasionally a member will make a more detailed presentation of a topic prior to discussion especially when they have a particular knowledge or expertise about the issue.

For further information please contact Andy Borthwick - Group Convenor