Spanish Language (Yr 10)

Spanish Language Year 10

We have just started year 10 of a group that started as Spanish for Beginners in autumn 2009. We reckon to do 30-35 weeks a year. We meet in my house, on Thursday mornings 10.00 to 11.30, including a 15 minute break for coffee.

We're a very mixed group, with 8-10 typically attending. Some are survivors from the first beginners' class. Others have joined on the way with Spanish they've acquired from a whole variety of other sources: education; jobs abroad; homes in Spain; travelling; family in Spanish-speaking countries. Members are supportive of each other’s differing standards and we have a lot of fun.

We do a mix of things: conversation on a topic prepared for homework; some grammar, mainly for those who learned other than at school; some games; reading and translating; a sitcom on DVD with subtitles. We include a coffee break.

It’s £1.50 per class to cover all printed materials, drinks and biscuits.

If you are interested in knowing whether we’d suit you, we encourage you to come to a class and see. After that, there’s no pressure and you decide. At the time of writing (1/10/18), we’re full with a waiting list but we do have vacancies from time to time. Do ring me if you’re interested.

Peter Clist,

landline     01730 262312

mobile      07964 976523