Virtual Meeting Videos

Here are recordings of some of the virtual group meetings of the Petersfield u3a

19/05/21 A&H Sharon Hurst My Travels with Art
18/05/21 S&T Dr Tom Black Green Energy Challenge
27/04/21S&TGene Therapy for beginnersGene Therapy
23/03/21S&TUsing drones for environmental monitoringRapid eye in the sky
17/03/21A&HBob French, Pictures at PetworthPetworth Pictures
23/02/21S&TDr John S. YoungUrinary Symptom Management
26/01/21S&TWastewater from Southern WaterWastewater
20/01/21A&HIsadora Duncan - Mother of Modern DanceIsadora Duncan
.. due to technical problems, only last 2/3 available
14/12/20GeneralCunard History and Glamorous StarsCunard History
27/10/20 S&T Tumors: The relentless drive to Thrive Tumors
28/07/20 S&T Tissue Regeneration Tissue Regeneration
08/07/20 S&T Forensic Scientists Forensic Scientists
19/05/20S&TSputnik to Space StationSputnik to Space Station
19/05/20S&TIncluded videoSputnik meeting - included video

Virtual Meeting Notes