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Keeping in Touch - Local Resources
News from the Chair Updated 28/05/2020
Events page for details of our virtual ZOOM meetings
Petersfield U3A NextDoor our local chat site
Petersfield Coronavirus Help Network Help and Helpers for the Petersfield Community
Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub
Petersfield Community Radio
Computer Help Group Member help with computers, laptops or phones - including using Zoom
Staying Safe Online Age UK guide to Internet safety (takes you to a new site)

Keeping in Touch - National U3A
U3A Life in Lockdown NEW VIDEO
U3A National Website Helpful advice and tips from the National U3A organisation
U3A Guidance to Staying in Touch
U3A National Newsletter Sign-up

Stay Healthy
Keeping Active A selection of fitness activities for people at home including exclusive U3A Mr Motivator

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U3A Message for Carers Week