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General meetings are open to all members, and are currently taking place on on-line (please see below),

Recordings of some previous Zoom meetings, can be found at Virtual Meeting Videos
A recording of the recent S&T meeting "A rapid eye in the sky" is now available
A recording of the recent A&H meeting "Step Inside Petworth's Paintings" is now available

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We are now including some events from the National u3a and other sources. PLEASE NOTE that booking is required and some events fill quickly so it pays to book early. We cannot guarantee that they will still be available.

Smaller group meetings are open to members by prior agreement with that group coordinator. As the options are changing regularly to comply with Covid guidelines, it is preferable to contact individual Group Conveners for the latest information. Click on the Groups page and contact the Convener of the Group you are interested in via the 'Message' icon for further details.

Dates for your Diary
May 2021
Mon May 10thMeeting

The most Heroic Failure of Modern Times - Shackleton's Antarctic (Zoom) at 2:30pm - Room opens at 2:00pm
Zoom details will be in the Connect newsletter closer to the date.
With Jeremy Holmes
Shackleton Shackleton set off to cross the Antarctic in 1914, a celebrated explorer, but he quickly became trapped and crushed in the ice. He and his crew camped for weeks on an ice flow ,but eventually he escaped by sailing a lifeboat for 800 miles ,a feat never before attempted.!! Jeremy will talk on the exciting and exhausting adventure these men endured over many weeks.

Tue May 11thScience and TechnologyHow do Jet Streams influence our Weather? with Ray Howell (Retired pilot)
Zoom at 2:00pm - Room opens at 1:45pm
Courtesy of Waterlooville u3a
Zoom details will be in the Connect newsletter closer to the date
Thu May 13thNational u3a & other Meetings

National Army Museum-Close Shaves & Lucky Escapes Online 10:30
Free, but booking is required. Click this link: Lucky Escapes
Join Justin Saddington curator from the National Army Museum, for an exclusive talk for u3a members.
Battle of the Boyne Using objects once owned by great men and leaders, he will consider the possible impact that the death of these men would have had on history. What would have happened if King William III had died at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690? A piece of blood-stained lace worn by the King at the battle attests to one of several close shaves he experienced that day.
Through the collection, Justin will also demonstrate how a soldier’s world view and beliefs were shaped by the constant threat of injury and death.

Fri May 14thNational u3a & other Meetings

Everything and Anything you would like to know about Yoga in the third age 10:00-11:00
Free, but booking is required. Click this link: All about u3a Yoga

This Zoom workshop is bringing together a diverse group of u3a yoga group leaders / teachers from across the UK.

Everything Yoga in the u3a They will be sharing their insights and experience of Yoga in the u3a and answering all the questions about yoga that you have never been able to ask before, like:

  • What is yoga – I’ve heard there different kinds?
  • Are there benefits – if so, what are these?
  • Can anyone do yoga – at any age, any shape, even men?
  • Where would I begin?
  • What do I need: a mat, a chair, blocks, straps, yoga socks, Lycra leggings, a sense of humour?
  • What happens in u3a yoga groups?
  • Is yoga hard - do I have to be able to touch my toes or stand on my head?
  • Is yoga safe?
  • If I have injuries, ailments or conditions – will yoga make these better or worse?

If you would like to raise a question but would rather not do this in person on the day send you question now to : Yoga Questions and we will endeavour to answer as many of the questions as we can on the day.

Mon May 17thNational u3a & other Meetings

Slow Ways: what it is and how to be involved Online 2:00pm
Free but booking is required. Click this link: Slow Ways
Slow Ways Meet Dan Raven-Ellison and Rob Bushby of Slow Ways and explore this national initiative to create a Great Britain-wide network of walking routes, and how you and your u3a groups can be involved.

Tue May 18thScience and Technology

Green Energy Challenge with Dr Tom Black
Zoom at 2:00pm - Room opens at 1:30pm
Zoom details will be in the Connect newsletter closer to the date
Wind Farm With many governments having committed to “Net Zero” carbon emissions by mid-century and now implementing policies and subsidies to get us there, interest in renewable energy has grown dramatically in recent years. Wind, solar, hydro, biomass, hydrogen, batteries, nuclear…. the list of candidate solutions is long and growing. But how do they all fit together and which are the likely winners? Tom Black will review the field and offer some thoughts on how our energy future might look.

Dr Tom Black studied physics at the Universities of Strathclyde and Oxford where he gained his DPhil for research into nuclear fusion reactor shielding. He then spent most of his career as Chief Executive of Detica Group plc, one of the UK’s leading technology companies and now part of BAe Systems. He is currently Chairman of Thruvision (a security-screening specialist) and Chairman of Herald Investment Trust (which invests predominantly in early-stage technology businesses).

Wed May 19thArts and Heritage

My Travels with Art and my Mum (Zoom) at 2:30pm - Room opens at 2:00pm
Zoom details will be in the Connect newsletter closer to the date.
with Sharon Hurst
Sharon Hurst Art Join Sharon for an informal chat as an Art Demonstrator travelling the country visiting Art Societies. When able Mother went too calling herself the oldest "Roadie" in the Business. Hear tell of the stories, fun and the joy of painting holidays, and the madness of live TV and eventually Sharon's book.

June 2021
Wed Jun 2ndMeeting

u3a DAY u3a Day 2021 celebrate the u3a! more details to follow