Membership renewal

If you are a member of Perth U3A, you receive a reminder about renewing your membership in early July. If you have an email address, we send an email reminder; if not, we send a letter. Full details of how to renew are included in the email or letter.

If you think you haven't had the email, please check your Spam or Trash before contacting the membership secretary using the pigeon.

The membership fee is £25 for 2020-21. To renew your membership, you can:

  • renew online using the Members portal
  • renew by post. Details are given in your renewal email or letter, or you can refer to the How to join document which applies to renewals as well. Note that you won't need to complete a membership form - send a copy of your renewal email or letter instead.

This year, it's not possible to renew your membership face-to-face at Registration Day or at an Open Meeting.