2019-02a Meall Tarsuinn Circuit

The Scurran & Meall Tarsuinn Circuit

With a dry, calm and relatively mild day forecast, 7 members set off from Broxden to do a circuit of hills between Glen Turret and the Sma’ Glen. After getting permission to park at the Foulford golf course we started up a good track, stopping to look at waterfalls and other features along the way.

With sunshine and good conditions, we decided to take in another top, Meallneveron, then cut across country to reach our original target, Meall Tarsuinn. We had planned to keep high where the ground was more level and wouldn’t lose too much height. However, we were advised by a friendly and very helpful gamekeeper that stalking was in progress and he suggested that we might want to stay below the skyline as much as possible. We thought it wise to heed his advice. He wished us a good day on the hills. After Meall Tarsuinn our route took us across to The Scurran, eventually picking up the track back to Folfourd. Along the way, as well as seeing deer in the distance and possibly a pair of kites, our path crossed a few times with that of a mountain hare, once at very close quarters. He was still in his winter coat, so stood out against landscape.

After our walk we adjourned to Crieff Hydro for our post new year meal which was very enjoyable. Over a cup of tea before the meal one of our party introduced us to the concept of Chocolate Geology, where, among other things, a stretched and squidged up Mars Bar demonstrated plate tectonics and a Lion Bar, sedimentary rock formation. A very good day out in all respects.

Start Point 223 m (732 feet), Highest Point 686 m (2251 feet), Distance 17.3 km (10.75 miles), Total Ascent 955 m (3133 feet), Time taken 6hrs 34m

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