2019-01a Ben Ledi Walk

Ben Ledi

9 members left Broxden in 3 cars heading for Callander and drove to the car parking a mile beyond Kilmahog to start the walk. The weather was fine, and not at all like January.
Following the path (steep in places) height was gained quickly and soon we were looking down on the mist lying in the glens, with marvellous views into the glens in the sunshine.
After a quick coffee break on the South side of Ben Ledi progress up the ridge was in good clear conditions, until nearing the top when cloud rolled in and the views were lost. At the summit 11am.
The descent made was direct to Stank Glen to try to get down lower before the rain came, however the drizzle was light and intermittent. A distance of 10 km or 6.25 miles and back to cars at 1pm

Started walking at 9.05 am. Returned to cars at 1pm, Coffee stop in Woollen Mill at Kilmahog and then back at Broxden just after 3pm

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