2018-12a Ciste Buide a Claidheimh Walk

Ciste Buide a Claidheimh

Start Point 140 m (459 feet), Highest Point 749 m (2458 feet), Distance 14 km (8.7 miles), Time taken 4hrs 53m

A group of 8 met at Broxden at 8am on what seemed to be the makings of a great day with the weather dismissing all the early warnings of high winds, ice and rain from the Met office. We decided that that West was best and in particular to complete unfinished business from last month when we had to leave one half of a walk due to time constraints. This meant driving back to Ardtainaig just above the southern shores of Loch Tay and about 10 miles from Kenmore. Last month we had completed the walk along Creagan na Beinne and returned via the main track that follows the Allt a Chilleine burn. This time we retraced our steps along the burn and then climbed the eastern slopes up to Ciste Buide a Claidheimh at almost 2,500 ft. After a fairly steep climb up we were rewarded with magnificent views of the snow-covered hills of the Ben Lawers range. The walk along the ridge of Shee of Ardtainaig was easy but required constant care because of the peat hags. However, we all made it down to the village reasonably dry-footed and all fully agreed it had been a great day out after completing 10 miles. Coffee was taken at Kenmore before returning to Perth, just in time to beat the early loss of daylight.

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