Information for Group Leaders

The Group Leaders Handbook collects together information to guide and to help group leaders.

The Documentation page also has important documents for group leaders, such as:

  • the Health and Safety Handbook which has information about dealing with accidents and medical emergencies, and risk assessments
  • other documents about how Perth U3A works, for example, our constitution, financial procedures, and data protection.

There is a link on this page to the Notes of Group Leaders meeting held in March 2019.


Peter Trant is responsible for looking after and administering our various items of equipment. These include our laptops, projectors, screens, banners and sound equipment. U3A Equipment for Groups is an up-to-date list of the available equipment.

Group leaders wishing to make use of any such items at group meetings should submit requests to Peter well in advance of meeting dates. It's the responsibility of group leaders to collect and return equipment – Peter will not be providing a delivery service! Group leaders should report any damage, defects or missing items to Peter when returning equipment.

Click the pigeon to send a message to Peter about equipment.