Welcome to Patcham U3A

Our regular Monday meetings

Our weekly meeting on a Monday afternoon is currently being held via Zoom Meetings until the current crisis is over. We have a programme of speakers, a quiz, or a discussion of current affairs. See Events

Next Monday is a talk on "Early Brighton Photographs" by Chris Horlock. at 2:00 pm
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What is U3A all about?

The U3A movement was founded over 35 years ago and its main aim is to encourage groups of people in their “third age” to meet together to continue their enjoyment of subjects and things which have interested them in the past or may prove to interest them in the future. Go to their website to learn more.

What is your “third age”?

Loosely it is any time in your life when you have the opportunity to pursue your own interest. It is primarily aimed at those no longer in full time employment or raising a family. From the start the guiding principle was to promote learning through self-help interest groups. These might cover any subject or topic of interest to members. The guiding principle was to be self-help and self-funding, and based on collaborative learning. Members were to be encouraged to learn from each other with all members of a group contributing to the learning process.
From its beginnings in 1981 the movement has expanded rapidly and at the end of 2016 U3A reached the milestone of 1000 groups.

Our local U3A in Patcham

Patcham U3A aims to cover people living in the Patcham/Westdene/Withdean areas of Brighton though we do have members from further afield, and also collaborate with other local U3As

We have a number of groups, details of which can be found by clicking Groups. We rely on the enthusiasm of members to introduce more groups and will offer help and advice to anyone prepared to have a go! Check the Events Page for dates of the next Group meetings.

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Sussex U3A Network

The Sussex U3A Network (SUN) is a collaboration between all U3As in West and East Sussex and Brighton & Hove. It organises additional activities and outings which may be beyond the resources of individual groups such as study days, workshops and festivals. SUN also collaborates with U3As in Surrey and Kent. For more information, click Links and select Sussex U3A Network to go to their website. For a copy of their latest list of Zoom Talks click SUN Zoom talks update Note, you can register for talks on the SUN website as well as for other interesting topics. You can find the latest SUN Newsletter here.

Learning not Lonely

The Third Age Trust have recently commissioned a report on the effect the U3A lifelong learning concept on the third age generation in the UK. Click Links to read the report.