Paisley & District

Local History 2018

What we did in 2018 !

Local Visits

These visits were extremely enjoyable and quite well attended.
We visited :
- Paisley Thread Museum
- Renfrew History Museum
- The Heritage Centre, Central Library,
- The Secret Collection
- Johnstone History Museum
- Sma Shot Cottages,
- Weavers Cottage Kilbarchan
- Paisley High St Building Tour ( Part I).

Themes/Areas of Interests

These interests initially included Theatre/Entertainment, Paisley Radicals, Robert Tannahill, Glennifer Concerts, Paisley High Street Buildings, Paisley Fair. There have been some additional suggestions, e.g, The History of the South Side of Paisley. Some aspects of the themes have been covered by individual members offering to host one off sessions, and there have been lots of discussions about how we can use these sessions to involve more members.

- Sandy Bryce hosted a great session at Grow in Glenburn, looking at the Glennifer Concerts and Fulton the the Glen.
- Dorothy Adamson and Valerie Riley led a session on the history of Theatre/Entertainment in October.
- David Roberts agreed to lead a tour of the High Street Buildings in October. This was a great success but had to be cut short due to bad weather. The group reassembed in a local cafe and had a very interesting informal group discussion. We hope to persuade David to give us part II in the new year.
- Helen Glassford and Irene Scullion (Glasgow WE U3a) presented a session on the Radical Uprising in November.
Helen has been in liaison with Glasgow U3a and there is a lot of interest in a collaborative research effort in relation to the Radical Uprising of 1820 in Scotland. This links in with the Paisley Radical theme. This is something for consideration, especially with the bi-centenary coming up in 2020. You can obtain an update on this potential self learning research project from Helen or Dorothy.

Re-imagining the Museum

James McGuire, Renfrewshire Council, is part of the team involved in engaging with the community for this venture and he has been in touch to try to engage the U3a local history group in a joint effort here. James in very keen to progress his contact with us. Dorothy Helen met up with him in early October and he's keen to solicit the group's views on any subject areas / stories we'd like to see included in the new museum.
Topics which we have suggested to him so far are "Women in the Workplace" and "Local Heroes"
We hope to convene a meeting with him in January/ February on these topics.

Message from Dorothy....
For now, Helen and I will continue to co-lead the group.
I really hope you will continue your membership of the U3a and of the Local History Group.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Dorothy Adamson and Helen Glassford